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Astral Chain | How to unlock the Arm Legion

You’ve probably noticed the conspicuous dumpsters hidden around Astral Chain’s early files, marked with a white armored gauntlet symbol, and you might be wondering how to interact with them. That’s where the Astral Chain Arm Legion comes in. As one of five Legion types, the Arm Legion provides unique abilities, allowing you to levitate over hazardous terrain and lift heavy objects (like those aforementioned Astral Chain dumpsters). Don’t worry, you’ll soon have the Arm Legion, and you can jump back into the old Files to use it for collectible hunting. Learn how to get the Arm Legion in this Astral Chain Arm Legion unlock guide.

Astral Chain | Arm Legion usage

Astral Chain Arm Legion usage

The Arm Legion has several unique abilities that make it useful both in and out of combat. These include the ability to lift objects like dumpsters and open heavy doors. To do this, hold ZL and move the Arm Legion towards a heavy object, then press A (while still holding ZL) to lift it. Some objects, like yellow neon signs, can be thrown by pressing A again or by releasing ZL.

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The Arm Legion can also be worn a high-powered suit of armor, giving you both an offensive and defensive boost. You can activate this ability by pressing L, as you would to activate the Sword Legion’s slash ability. This also allows you to levitate over hazardous terrain.

Astral Chain | How to unlock the Arm Legion

Astral Chain How to unlock the Arm Legion

As with other Legions in the game, the Arm Legion is unlocked during the story, near the end of a particular File. Once you get the Arm Legion, you’ll use its unique abilities to defeat a powerful boss enemy, and you’ll then have the Legion for the rest of the game. Not only does this let you find more collectibles going forward, but you’ll be able to go back to previous Files to do the same.

You’ll find the Arm Legion near the end of File 04, or “Siege.” As with the Sword and Arrow Legions, you’ll have to fight the Arm Legion before you can capture it, but the fight is fairly easy. Once you’ve got it, finish the File and head back to HQ. From there, you can go to the PC and select from previous Files to replay, allowing you to take the Arm Legion back to find more items. For example, in the “Sortie” chapter of File 02 “Awake,” you can find a dumpster with a cat hidden behind it.

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