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Astral Chain Toilet Locations | Complete Nature Calls and free the Toilet Fairy

In a game of hidden cats, demonic pets, and apocalyptic events, usable, ordinary toilets still manage to be some of the strangest inclusions. Astral Chain toilets are one of the game’s more fun-to-find collectible types, and doing so is for a good cause, too: If you find all the game’s hidden toilets, you’ll free the HQ’s resident Toilet Fairy (or, “Faerie,” as the game spells it) from its apparent government servitude. In this guide, we’ll show you all Astral Chain toilet locations, allowing you to complete all Nature Calls orders and free the Toilet Fairy. Make sure to consult our Astral Chain file replay guide to learn how to go back to previous levels.

Astral Chain File 01 toilet location

Head to the “Forecast” section (Chapter 2) of File 01, “Startup.” Once you get to the injured man, turn left, past the yellow/green truck. The File 01 toilet is lying on its back behind a concrete barrier at the side of the road.

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Astral Chain File 02 toilet location

This toilet is located in the “Sortie” section (Chapter 2) of File 02, “Awake.” Once you’ve loaded into the investigation site, eavesdrop on the local officers to your right and investigate the giant Chimera handprint in order to complete the investigation as quickly as possible. After speaking with Max, use your Legion to get the Chimera’s trail from the handprint and follow it into the underground area. Once the trail leads left past a wall of graffiti, turn right instead. Crouch under metal door’s opening, and you’ll find the File 02 toilet.

Astral Chain File 03 toilet location

Enter the “Missing” section (Chapter 2) of File 03, “Link.” Speak to civilians and complete blue quests (head here for our Astral Chain Brothers Quiz guide) in the area to complete the investigation. Once you’re done, you’ll head to the crime scene and find the scent of a Chimera. Follow it to a new area with a green garbage truck at the end of an alley. Walk toward the garbage truck, turning left past the gray car on the way. Crouch under the metal door and find the File 03 toilet in a room full of Red Matter.

Astral Chain File 04 toilet location

This one’s found in the “Infiltration” section (Chapter 5) of File 04, “Siege.” Head into the mall, get through the Jena cutscenes, and find yourself on the second floor. Continue through the level until you reach the first narrow corridor full of goop and tentacles. Rather than going all the way through the corridor and on with the level, turn right midway through, and you’ll see a hallway with the File 04 toilet at the end.

Astral Chain File 05 toilet location

In the “Uproar” section (Chapter 3) of File 05, “Accord,” head into the subway and continue with the level until you’ve rescued two civilians. This can take quite a while, since they move very slowly. Shooting the door switch behind the Shaken Woman in the subway car will open the car’s doors, making carrying her back slightly faster. Once you’re done, continue along the upper floor past the police officers, heading into the sloping subway cars in the back right corner. Exit the car door at the bottom into the area with the laser generator and hug the right wall until you come to the File 05 toilet, near an Axe Legion-accessible chest.

Astral Chain File 06 toilet location

This toilet is found in the “Search” section (Chapter 4) of File 06, “Complicit.” Enter Sector V and speak with civilians until you’re able to eavesdrop on the guards near the derelict train tunnel. Next, head down into the vents and follow them until you get to an open area. There, you’ll have to use your Beast Legion to dig through some garbage in order to proceed. Once you’ve done that and loaded into the Hermit base, immediately turn around and bump into the grate behind you until it falls down. Head through, and you’ll see this level’s bath tissue-replacement item sitting in the duct. If you pass the item and peer down through the vent below you, you can see you’re right above the Hermits’ bathroom, which why this bathroom-less collectible counts for File 06’s Nature Calls order.

Astral Chain File 07 toilet location

Load up the “Warfare” section (Chapter 4) of File 07, “Warfare.” Once you’re on the roof before the level’s final boss, pass the police and follow the path to the left. Go past the ladder on your right and continue until you see a yellow ladder that can be shot down with your Arrow Legion. Do this, climb up, chain jump to the roof behind you, and you’ll see the File 07 toilet behind a structure on the right side.

Astral Chain File 08 toilet location

Head to the “Cleanup” section (Chapter 3) of File 08, “Peace.” Continue through the level until you reach the segment where you have to clean up some corruption within a certain time limit. As soon as the cutscene ends, chain jump over to the area on your left, then onto the movable platform in front of the gate that shoots Sword Legion-cuttable projectiles. Use your Arm Legion to move the platform toward the gate and around the corner of the left wall, then chain jump to the movable platform on the other side of the wall. You’ll see the File 08 toilet on a floating platform there.

Astral Chain File 09 toilet location

Enter the “Alert” section (Chapter 2) of File 09, “Salvation.” From the point you begin the level, head left around the brightly lit “Harmony Media Center” building and past the officer shooting at a gate. There, the File 09 toilet is tucked away in a narrow corridor between a building and a chain link fence.

Astral Chain File 10 toilet location

This toilet is in the “Lockdown” section (Chapter 2) of File 10, “Madness.” You’ll have to make it through a stealth section at the start of the level in order to get to the toilet. You’ll make it to the upper level in no time if you use your IRIS to track the guards’ movements and your Arrow Legion to distract them with falling pipes. Once you’re at the top, use chain jumping to get to the next raised walkway, then use your Legion to eavesdrop on the two guards to the right. Olive will then tell you to get to the control room below. The easiest way we’ve found to do this is to chain jump back to the floating platform, and move it as far toward the control room door as possible. Now, wait until the patrolling guard near the door starts walking away, and use your Arrow Legion to distract the other, stationary guard with the falling pipes to his right. Chain jump into the air near the door (above the stationary guard’s former position, once he’s left to investigate the pipes) so you fall as close to the door as possible. Once you’re in, chain bind the guards and lower the water level. Enter the canal and follow it all the way down, past the ladder you’re meant to climb near the end. You’ll find the File 10 toilet in the corner.

Astral Chain File 11 toilet location

Load the “Laboratory” section (Chapter 2) of File 11, “Reckoning.” Once the cutscenes end and you’re at the ARI Headquarters, head down the stairs either to the left or right of the main entrance. The File 11 toilet is around the bend below.

Astral Chain File 12/HQ toilet location

Before setting the Toilet Fairy free, you’ll need to head to the HQ bathrooms and use the second open stall. Turn this in to the Fairy and complete the “Nature Calls: HQ” order. This can be done at any time in the game.

Once you’ve collected each File’s bath tissue replacement, head to the last stall in whichever HQ bathroom you’re able to enter. Speak to the Toilet Fairy there. If you’ve collected a bunch of tissues without speaking to it, you’ll have to turn in each File’s tissue, one by one. Once you’ve turned in the last tissue, the Toilet Fairy will be freed, and you’ll complete the “Sweet Release” order. Selecting it in the Orders menu will reward you with the ARI Medical Gear costume, in all its bare-footed glory.