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Astral Chain | How to unlock the Arrow Legion

While it might not be the most mechanically exciting of Astral Chain’s five Legions, the Arrow Legion certainly has its uses. It can gather far-away items, and its ability to hit out-of-range enemies makes it one of the most essential Legions for combat. The Arrow Legion is the first additional Legion you’ll unlock in Astral Chain’s story, but you’ll still have to get through a few missions before you get this arrow-slinging demon. Read this Astral Chain Arrow Legion unlock guide to learn how to get the Arrow Legion.

Astral Chain | Arrow Legion usage

Astral Chain Arrow Legion usage

Unlike the Arm Legion and Beast Legion, both of which have several abilities that vary in usage depending on the context, the Arrow Legion pretty much only does one thing: shoot projectiles. To precisely aim a shot, press L. This will bring the Arrow Legion close behind you, and the two of you will be able to aim an arrow in third-person. While it may be the Legion’s only distinct ability, this can be used to different effect in a few situations. You’ll occasionally see blue item pickup glows in out-of-reach places, like stuck to the walls of buildings or tall structures in the Astral Plane. Shooting these with the Arrow Legion automatically puts them in your inventory, allowing you to collect items other Legions wouldn’t be able to. For example, if you use the Astral Chain File replay system to go back to the game’s first level, you’ll see one of these item glows stuck to a concrete structure above the small arena where you have your first Legion-assisted battle.

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Speaking of battle, that’s where the Arrow Legion is at its most effective. It’s generally helpful for attacking dangerous enemies from a distance, and its L-activated precise shot ability is required for damaging certain enemies, like the overshield-supplying Shell Chimeras that float high in the air. You’ll need to shoot these down to even get a chance to damage them, so the Arrow Legion is a must.

Astral Chain | How to unlock the Arrow Legion

Astral Chain How to get the Arrow Legion

The Arrow Legion is the first Legion you’ll re-capture after ⁠— spoilers for File 02 ⁠— briefly losing control of the Sword Legion. The Arrow Legion is unlocked near the end of File 03, “Link.” Once you’ve got it, you’ll just have to make it through a few more fight sequences before the File ends and you’ve got free use of your shooty friend in and out of combat.