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Astral Chain | How to unlock the Beast Legion

The Astral Chain Beast Legion is perhaps the game’s most lovable demonic companion. This robot cat takes Astral Chain’s lion-taming analogy to its most literal point. Not only can you ride the Beast Legion like some kind of fantasy beastmaster, but it also allows you to dig through trash for buried items and follow scent trails around the world. If you’re wondering how to get the Beast Legion, you won’t have to wait too long. Learn how in this Astral Chain Beast Legion unlock guide.

Astral Chain | Beast Legion usage

Astral Chain Beast Legion usage

Riding the Beast Legion is its primary ability, activated by pressing L. While riding, you can attack with your X-Baton and dodge by pressing B, which can set up unique Sync Attack opportunities. Riding is useful for traversing temporary terrain in the Astral Plane and for quickly collecting Red Matter, since it allows you to have direct control of a quick-moving Legion. It can also be used in battle to run away from enemy attacks, which comes in handy in large-scale boss fights where you need to avoid projectiles.

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The Beast Legion has several other abilities, mostly used outside of battle for investigations. It can detect sounds and digging spots, the location of which is indicated by a radar gauge that appears above its head. The gauge can be a little hard to read, but it’s fairly intuitive to listen to sound cues and feel controller vibrations to find what the Legion is looking for. The Beast Legion can also be given scents to track, detect invisible enemies, and dig up items. The Legion’s digging ability is sometimes used in battle to unearth buried Chimeras that shield other enemies.

Astral Chain | How to unlock the Beast Legion

Astral Chain How to get the Beast Legion

As with the Arrow and Arm Legions, the Beast Legion is unlocked automatically as you progress through the story. You’ll have to fight and capture the Beast Nemesis near the end of File 05 (“Accord”), after which you’ll fight a boss and continue to the next File. Once you’ve captured the Beast Legion, you’re free to replay past Files in order to look for new collectibles using the Legion’s unique abilities.