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Astral Chain Brothers Quiz | How to complete the Quiz Kids puzzle

While Astral Chain is going to be remembered for its high-octane action gameplay, there are plenty of puzzles to complete hidden throughout the game’s world. One such puzzle is the Astral Chain Brothers Quiz. In this guide, we’ll let you know the Quiz Kids location and how to complete the Quiz Kids puzzle. Completing this puzzle quest first time around will reward you with plenty of unique quality items and even a new ability. Time to pay attention, class.

Astral Chain Brothers Quiz Location | Where to find the Quiz Kids

Astral Chain Brothers Quiz

Before we let you know how to complete the Quiz Kids puzzle in Astral Chain, you will need to know where to find it. First things first, you will need to reach File 03 in order to take on the puzzles of the five brothers.

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In order to find the Astral Chain Quiz Kids location, simply follow these steps:

  • Reach File 03
  • Enter the “Maison Forest” location
  • Find the NPC “Arm Mechanic” (towards an edge of the area)
  • Climb up the yellow ladder beside the Arm Mechanic
  • The Five Brothers are up there waiting to quiz you

How to Complete the Astral Chain Brothers Quiz

Astral Chain Brothers Quiz

Now you know where the Quiz Kids are, you will need to complete their puzzles. The first puzzle is a complicated one. The Quiz Kids will ask you to figure out which of the five of them is telling the truth. Each brother will give you a conflicting statement. Each of their statements is as follows:

  • Earnest Boy: “I’m the oldest brother. The fourth brother is lying.”
  • Timid Boy: “I’m the second brother. The fifth brother is telling the truth.”
  • Snotty Boy: “I’m the third brother! The oldest and the second brother are telling the truth.”
  • Peppy Boy: “I’m the fabulous fourth brother! The third brother is lying!”
  • Quiet Boy: “… Fifth brother. Me and the third brother… telling the truth.”

The answer to this riddle is the fourth brother. Each of the other five brothers are telling what appear to be true statements, but the fourth brother’s statement contradicts the rest of the group. Doing it the first time will definitely unlock you the Police Notes, Legion Rush ability, and a Torn Bag as well as give you a clue about a holographic door within Maison Forest.

If you speak to the Quiz Kids again after completing the logic puzzle, they will give you a second puzzle to complete. The kids will run around quickly, while you need to keep track of and pick out the oldest child of the group. You can keep up with the running of the kids relatively easily with the camera, but the oldest child will always stand on the far right of the lineup. If you successfully solve the second Astral Chain brothers quiz, you will be given a Call Burst +30% ability. Now get out there and solve those puzzles.