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Astral Chain | How to unlock the Axe Legion

The Astral Chain Axe Legion might be the most formidable of the game’s Legion companions. Previously owned by the protagonist’s father Max, the Axe Legion is the largest of the five Legions, wields a giant weapon, and produces an impenetrable shield. You’ve likely noticed glowing red barriers with holes cracked in them around the game world. These require the Axe Legion to unlock. In this Astral Chain guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to unlock the Axe Legion.

Astral Chain | Axe Legion usage

Astral Chain Axe Legion usage

The Axe Legion has two main abilities: Energy Field and Axe Detonation. Axe Detonation is used to destroy those glowing red barriers around The Ark, granting access to hidden collectibles. It’s activated by holding ZL and pressing A, much like the Arm Legion’s lift ability or the Beast Legion’s dig ability. The Axe Legion’s Energy Field creates a bubble-shaped shield around it, protecting it from all damage for a time. The Legion will automatically use this shield occasionally in battle, but you can press L to call the Legion toward you so the Energy Field protects you as well. Since it protects from all damage, the Energy Field ability can also be used outside of combat to pass through fire or poisonous gas.

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In battle, the Axe Legion is incredibly slow. This makes manually moving the Legion around with ZL to initiate a Chain Bind fairly difficult. Its attacks hit hard, though, and it has some strong combos (like one that produces a small tornado) that make it a powerful tool in your combat arsenal.

Astral Chain | How to unlock the Axe Legion

Astral Chain How to get the Axe Legion

The Axe Legion is the final Legion unlocked in Astral Chain. As with Astral Chain’s other Legions, you’ll eventually encounter the Axe Legion as you progress through the game’s story. Specifically, you’ll face the Axe Nemesis in battle near the end of File 08, “Peace,” which you most likely won’t get to until about 20 hours into the game.

The Axe Nemesis battle is the most complicated of the Legion capture battles, as you’ll have to compete with a combination of the Axe Legion’s shield, environmental hazards, and an omnidirectional wind attack that will push you away from the Legion. You can only effectively damage the Nemesis by either throwing explosive orange crystals at it with your Arm Legion or by riding the Beast Legion toward it while it’s doing its wind blast attack. Once you’ve captured the Axe Legion, the File will soon end, and you’re free to use the Astral Chain File replay system to go back and unlock more collectibles.