The Letter – Chapter 1 Complete Walkthrough

Yangyang Mobile’s recently released horror game The Letter is filled to the brim with choices and branching paths over the course of its seven chapter story. The game’s multiple protagonists and various endings can make it pretty overwhelming to play, especially for gamers not used to its interactive, choose-your-own-adventure style of storytelling.

Beyond the interactive book-nature of The Letter, there are also quick-time events and skill-based sections similar to other visual novels like Dangaronpa and Zero Escape that can be challenging on occasion. Therefore, we’re going to give you a walkthrough for all seven chapters, starting with the very first.

In the opening chapter of the game, you play as the young real estate agent Isabella who is tasked with selling a supposedly haunted mansion. Her chapter can take anywhere from two to five hours to complete-depending on your path and reading speed-so we’ve got you covered with two different walkthroughs that will also help you avoid a game over.

The first walkthrough is for those looking to quickly progress through the chapter as fast as possible, and the second is for those that want to get the most out of the story. Lastly, we’ll detail exactly how to unlock all three possible endings for chapter one for the purpose of collecting achievements.

The letter screenshot 1

Fastest Route

  • First choice: Choose “You’re not my mom!”
  • Close eyes and pray
  • I don’t know
  • Don’t show the letter
  • Lie to him
  • Go home
  • Ash is not here
  • I was telling the truth
  • Thanks, Becca!
  • Talk to her about her cat
  • Stay at home
  • Meet up with her
  • Ending 3

Story-focused Route

  • First choice: Choose “I eat other things too”
  • Be brave and look up
  • Quick-time event (these can be disabled in options)
  • We’ll check with our supervisor
  • Show letter to Rose
  • Change the subject
  • Stay for the movie
  • Meet with professor
  • My instant noodle days are over
  • I know you’re trying to help
  • You’re not bad after all
  • Talk about her job
  • Go to work
  • Another quick-time event
  • Ending 1

How to Unlock All Three Endings

  • Do either fastest route or story-focused route walkthrough
  • Save at option: “Go to work” or “Stay home”
  • Choose “Go to work” and QTE for Ending 1
  • Reload save
  • Choose “Stay home”
  • Save game on a different slot
  • Decline her offer
  • Ending 2 (bad ending but still able to continue game)
  • Reload second save
  • Meet up with her
  • Ending 3