The Letter – Chapter 2 Spoiler-free Walkthrough

The Letter can be brutal in its unrelenting onslaught of The Grudge-like moments that can not only catch you off-guard, but make you panic and potentially lose because of the added stress of occasional quick-time events. We helped you survive the first chapter of The Letter (more on that here), and we’re back with a completely spoiler-free walkthrough of the second chapter.

Each of the seven chapters has you switch perspectives to another character in the cast and their dealings with the haunted mansion. From chapter one’s Isabella, you switch to the uppity and rich Hannah Wright in the much shorter chapter two. Though it lacks a lot of the fluff and exposition necessary in the beginning, it doesn’t change the breadth of choices at your disposal.

In fact, the branching paths become very complex here and, therefore, easier to reach a bad ending or game over. This is in addition to the unnecessarily difficult (but optional) quick-time events that are also present in this section of the story. Here’s the best path you can take in The Letter chapter two to reach a good ending:

Chapter Two Walkthrough

  • Choose the second option: “Defend myself”
  • Question need for a meeting
  • Ask for her silence
  • Stop it
  • I was tending the gardens
  • Call them out
  • Be honest with me
  • Work for my happy ending
  • Quick-time event (optional and can be skipped or turned off in the main menu)
  • Ending 3