Box art - Destiny 2

Destiny 2 – How to Get Exotic Engrams

When Destiny 2 arrives next month it will largely follow in the footsteps of its predecessors. However, it will be making some adjustments along the way, some of which will greatly alter how you acquire loot.

Among these changes, Destiny 2 will make an adjustment to how Exotic Engrams are acquired. Although they can still be decoded into an armor piece or weapon of exotic quality, they will no longer require a Three of Coins.

Three of Coins were previously a stackable item that were only farmable by killing an Ultra enemy or getting lucky after a Crucible match. They were hard to come by, and considered a relatively monotonous way to get powerful loot.

Now, you’ll be able to find Exotic Engrams during regular play. This transition of mechanics is similar to what Diablo 3 did with its legendary items.