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Absolver – How to Unlock Stagger Style a.k.a. Drunken Fist

Absolver‘s Stagger style is one of the more fun fighting styles in the game, allowing players to essentially adopt the “Drunken Fist” method of dealing with opponents. While Stagger isn’t immediately available to players, it’s a relatively simple process to unlock it, though it does require the player to be a competent fighter in order to overcome the tough mini-boss standing between them and the ability to hit enemies while looking like they’ve just necked half a bottle of Jack Daniel’s.


Unlock Absolver Stagger style: Jinn Mesca locations

The first step in this process is to fight Jinn Mesca, a mini-boss who spawns in the following locations:

  • Along the bridge connecting Tower of Adal altar to the courtyard near the Oratian Quarter.
  • On a roof next to the Central Harbor river.
  • On a path leading to the Tower of Adal from the Adalian Columbary.
  • Under a tree along the Hunting Path.

It isn’t a guarantee that Jinn Mesca will have spawned if you venture to these locations, so you’ll likely need to put in a bit of legwork in order to encounter him. There’s a common misconception that he can only be encountered after players reach level 30, though others have reported being able to fight him while as low as level 15.


Unlock Absolver Stagger style: Joining the Stagger school

Fighting Jinn Mesca is tricky, with him being one of the tougher mini-bosses in Absolver, so you will want to ensure you’re a capable fighter before confronting him. After defeating him, you then need to venture to the Raslan Coliseum (the area where you will have defeated Kuretz and obtained the Spike Turtle War Gloves), before going to the altar and heading up the stairs. There will be a previously locked door that you’ll now be able to open.

Open the door and follow the path towards Rakkio, a friendly NPC who will grant you access to the Stagger school. Joining the school will now allow you to equip the Stagger deck, which you can do so through the Combat Style option in your Equipment. The style incorporates attacks into your defensive maneuvers, and using these against your opponents will allow you to unlock Stagger permanently.