Box art - Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Character Guide: Who’s Who and How They Fight

Marvel vs Capcom is finally returning; after a lengthy wait and many pre-emptive post-mortems, one of the most beloved and biggest crossover fighters is bringing caped crusaders and digital devils together once again in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. The collision of infinite worlds has brought in a whole bunch of favourite Marvel faces and classic Capcom characters, but of course not everything is exactly as it was in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

A few fan favorites are sadly not returning for this one (Wolverine, you will be missed), but instead a bunch of brand new fighters are making their debut on the fighting stage. To give you an idea of what you can expect from Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’s character select screen – and where to get started when you jump into battle – we’ve put the full roster below. Get planning your duo now…


Black Panther

One of the new characters to jump into Marvel vs Capcom, Black Panther has made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now T’Challa is working with Capcom’s greatest to protect the world from Ultron Sigma. He might be the up-close Wolverine replacement we need…

Captain America

Cap is back and we’re all grateful to have the patriotic hero along for the fight. Bringing his shield into battle as usual, Captain America has plenty of tools to out-space opponents as he makes his way in for big combos.

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Captain Marvel

Another Captain! Well, the good ship Marvel can never have too many, and Captain Marvel is the perfect choice. Real name Carol Susan Janes Danvers, Captain Marvel is a speedy character that can deal big corner combos, and continue them with a command grab which can wall bounce and continue the combo. Wonderful. Did I mention it works in the air, too?



After appearing in Marvel vs Capcom 3, it seems Dormammu hasn’t had enough of getting his hands dirty. One of the most powerful and fearsome forces in the cosmos, Dormammu is stirring up trouble in Infinite as one of the rulers of the Dark Kingdom.


Another new character and a fan favourite from Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora. The last survivor of an alien race and adopted daughter to Thanos, Gamora will be zoning opponents with relentless sprays of bullets and will do big damage with her sword combos.

Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze returns from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, with all the fire and chains you remember him with. Ghost Rider will be whipping enemies from full screen with his chain, and using fire blasts to do big damage when close.

Doctor Strange

It’s not Benedict Cumberbatch, but Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange is unravelling the cosmos in Infinite. Doctor Strange can keeps opponents at bay with mystical projectiles, and his lightning-like skills aren’t to be sniffed at.


The Avengers’ key sniper is shooting down villains in Infinite. Hawkeye is fast and can keep opponents at bay with his arrows – mixed with his quick hits Hawkeye is a dangerous foe.


Bruce Banner is the most volatile member of the Avengers, and he’s a fearsome foe on the battlefield too. The Hulk is big and has huge hitboxes – this big lug might surprise you with his speed, and will catch you with big attacks.


Iron Man

Marvel vs Capcom just wouldn’t be the same without billionaire, genius, playboy philanthropist Tony Stark. Donning his latest Iron Man suit, Tony’s still shooting rockets and lasers, as well as using his expensive exoskeleton to beat foes into submission.


Richard Rider might be cocksure and abrasive, but this as soon as he dons his alter-ego Nova, he’s set on saving the galaxy. So when Ultron Sigma shows up, the leader of the Nova Corps wastes no time in putting him to rest.

Rocket Raccoon

Is he the cutest character in Infinite? Maybe, but don’t let Rocket Raccoon hear you say that. The little fighter isn’t to be underestimated however, as he moves fast and will tag his pal Groot in to execute massive supers.


Not only can he swing from a web, he can also battle dimension-hopping titans of the cosmos. Spider-Man is present accounted for in Infinite, fresh from his recent MCU debut. The web slinger will be using his array of arachnid abilities to swing full screen and stick down his foes.



One of the most terrifying beings in the universe, Thanos is back for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, and this time, he’s fighting with the good guys. Teaming up with the heroes against Ultron Sigma, Thanos uses his Eternal abilities to execute superhuman speed, strength and healing.


Thor Odinson is back for Infinite. Wielding the unnaturally heavy Mjolnir, Thor will be using Asgardian might to thwart some fools, along with the rest of The Avengers – not one to fight if you’re afraid of a little lightning.


Possibly the most terrifying villain The Avengers have ever dealt with, Ultron makes his Marvel vs Capcom debut in Infinite. Ultron is a massive threat in Infinite, and that only gets worse as he becomes Ultron Sigma.




This tiny knight knows no fear – he’s dealt with Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, heck, even Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, so we know he won’t be backing down. Arthur can duck under plenty of projectiles, and his lances can fly full screen.


Not many have fought against the kinds of odds that Chris Redfield has. Zombies, mutants, multi-national evil corporations and even several ton boulders have been crumbled by this man’s fists. Formers S.T.A.R.S. member and current B.S.A.A. hero, Chris Redfield fears no monster.


Literally one of the most famous women in gaming, Street Fighter’s Chun-Li needs no introduction. She has rapid high kicks and her mystical kung-fu knowledge isn’t to be sniffed at, especially when you have a Kikoken flying at you.



Half man, half demon, all attitude. Devil May Cry’s demi-demon Dante is back with Ebony and Ivory for Infinite. As with Marvel vs Capcom 3, Dante will be filling the screen with projectiles, shooting down opponents and cutting them to size with his massive sword.

Frank West

He’s covered wars, you know, and as such, this war across time and space with aliens and superhumans is right within his area of expertise. Frank West is done with Dead Rising’s zombies, and is now battling with forces beyond his imagination – but he’s well equipped, with a full stock of sporty inventory hiding under his jacket.


Demons aren’t all bad, they might look like a bad crowd, but some of them fight for the right reasons. Firebrand is a Red Arremer demon like those who fight Arthur, but Firebrand is in this for himself. He doesn’t much care about inter-dimensional politics, but if you threaten his Demon Village home, he’ll jump into battle.


A brand new fighter in the MvC universe, the devilish destroyer from Darkstalkers, Jedah, is partnering with Dormammu as the rulers of the Dark Kingdom. The 6,000 year old Jedah is the violent type, and uses his blood to form blades and damage opponents. Not hygienic…


Possibly one of the most impeccably sculpted politicians of our time, Mayor Mike Haggar is returning to the fight in Infinite. Mayor of New Metro City – a merging of Avengers’ home New York City and Final Fight’s Metro City – Haggar won’t let anything bad happen to the city on his watch…



One of Darkstalkers’ most famous characters and winning waifu of Marvel vs. Capcom fans everywhere, Morrigan is a succubus that fights with her underworld abilities. Her ranged and up close capabilities make her a fearsome foe to both men and women…


A man with only one goal in mind; destruction of all S.T.A.R.S. members. Nemesis might’ve been a terrifying foe in Resident Evil 3, but in Infinite you can use his seemingly-immortal body to start bodying some silly superheroes. He has weaponry, but Nemesis relies mainly on his long reach and his insane strength.


The man who needs no introduction but gets one anyway, Ryu is of course leading the Capcom roster into battle against Ultron Sigma. Using his variety of moves honed on the streets, Ryu is a good well-rounded character with devastating up close combos and screen-filling Hadoukens.


Another new character to the Marvel vs Capcom universe, Sigma is big, bald, and is definitely not a good guy. This robotic Reploid hates his nemesis Zero, and teams with Ultron to become Ultron Sigma, one of the most terrifying forces in the galaxy.

Strider Hiryu

The ninja mercenary Strider Hiryu is back for another fight in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. With great mobility and a range of weaponry, such as ninja stars and knives (in addition to a plasma sword) Strider is great for running circles around opponents and making sure they can’t get close.



When you’re in the armed forces but lose an arm, what’s the next step? A bionic prosthetic, of course. Using his new arm, Nathan “Rad” Spencer from Bionic Commando can drag enemies towards them – a good counterpick for enemies that like to keep their distance.


Another newcomer to Infinite, X is the successor to Mega Man, the robot that once saved the world. X is stepping up to the stage in order to save his partner Zero, and put to rest Sigma, the devious Reploid partially responsible for throwing the world into chaos.


A war hero in his own right, Zero has been through his fair share of battles, but it doesn’t get any easier when he makes his appearance in Infinite. Created by the dastardly Dr Wily, Zero makes his own choices in life, and tends to be sarcastic and abrasive. With a strong sense of justice, Zero won’t let chaos run amok in his world.