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Danganronpa V3 – Chapter 2 Class Trial Spoiler-free Walkthrough

As we mentioned in our walkthrough for chapter one – which you can view hereDanganronpa V3 amps up the antics and craziness with this third entry in the beloved visual novel series. As we’re sure you’re aware, the first chapter wowed and shocked with some absolutely bonkers twists that are unexpected.

After that unprecedented heartbreak, Danganronpa V3 does not waste time at all before punching you in the gut even faster than in the first chapter. The murder this time around is both shocking and puzzling in its method. Figuring out how exactly it all went down is a mystery, something that makes the trial even harder than most trials to accomplish.

Because of this, the second class trial can have you confused and unsure of what to do through all of its non-stop debates, mass panic, lies, and so on. But we’ve got you covered once again with our complete and spoiler-free walkthrough of the second class trial. It’s important to note again, as we did in the first, that the closing argument is a slight spoiler zone that is unavoidable.

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Danganronpa V3 – Chapter Two Class Trial Walkthrough

Danganronpa V3

  • At statement “he was eaten alive”, shoot truth bullet “Monokuma File 2”
  • Select option one
  • Seventh statement- shoot “water tank trick”
  • Advance to next section
  • Statement “water would’ve been everywhere”- cut with “wet staircase”
  • Select option three
  • Statement “no one saw anything”- “Gonta’s account”
  • 13th statement- “square glass pane”
  • Select crammed piranhas
  • Select option one
  • Select witnessing Ryoma
  • Seventh statement- Shoot last bullet
  • Select option one
  • Select option two
  • Select number 13
  • Seventh statement- hold triangle on fourth bullet and shoot
  • First subject- announcement
  • Second subject- missed
  • Third- rules
  • Fourth- tank
  • Fifth- off-limits
  • Sixth- testimony
  • Select option three
  • Ninth statement- last bullet
  • Select scratched sink
  • Select scratched handcuffs
  • Move cursor to open window and confirm it
  • Crazy Taxi time. First answer to question- lab window
  • Second answer- gym window
  • Third answer- from window to window
  • Move cursor to rope and confirm it
  • Select tennis net cable
  • Hangman word is “ropeway”
  • Minesweeper time. Eliminate blocks to the north to completely reveal inner tube and select it
  • Select option three
  • Select person number three
  • Tenth statement- fourth bullet
  • Cut through all statements to advance
  • Statement “there is no evidence”- cut through with “marked window”
  • Select black piece of fabric
  • Answer will be in random order but is obvious and starts with “K” (that’s all we’ll say to avoid spoilers)
  • Closing argument time. Only read ahead if you’re at this point in the trial
  • Empty space three- choose comic strip “carried the rope”
  • Five- handcuffed victim
  • Six- rubber inner tube
  • Eight- friction on the glove
  • Nine- piranhas swarming in the tank
  • Four- gym’s window and frame
  • Three- piranha tank
  • One- metal handcuffs in water
  • Seven- hanged inner tube
  • End of closing argument
  • Vote for person number 11
  • Congratulations! End of Trial 2