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Danganronpa V3 – Chapter 1 Class Trial Spoiler-free Walkthrough

Pull your friends and family close for this game. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is the long-awaited third entry in the beloved Ace Attorney-meets-Zero Escape series, as you solve mysteries and just generally try to stay alive as high school students participate in a deadly winner-takes-all game of survival.

Danganronpa V3 pull no punches with a very surprising and shocking first class trial, as you attempt to discover the culprit behind the murder of a precious classmate. This is, of course, a spoiler-free walkthrough, but it is worth noting that some various facts like the victim’s identity are almost unavoidable.

We have tried our best to be vague with directions like “select option three” to keep everything unspoiled, but there are parts – most notably the classic closing argument, which we will mark – that was constructed in such as way that it is actually impossible not to spoil things like the method of killing and the killer themselves with a little deduction.

Therefore, read on at your own discretion and make sure to not go beyond the sections that you are currently playing in the trial, as this case is a real shocker and you absolutely do not want to know anything about it in the slightest. With our minor warning in place, here is the full walkthrough for the first chapter’s class trial.

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Danganronpa V3 – Chapter 1 Class Trial

Danganronpa V3

  • On final statement, shoot with the third truth bullet
  • Seventh statement- third truth bullet
  • Select answer three
  • Second to last group- shoot third bullet on Kaito’s statement
  • Tenth statement- sliding door bullet
  • Move cursor to projector screen and choose that
  • Sixth statement- second bullet
  • Select “hidden door photos”
  • Fourth statement- card reader dust bullet
  • Cut through all of his statements to advance to second phase
  • In second phase, final statement- cut with front entrance photos
  • Select stacked books
  • Select option two
  • Second statement- third bullet
  • On third statement, hold triangle with third bullet and shoot
  • First statement- Choose interval
  • Second- Alibi
  • Third- Together
  • Fourth- Receiver
  • Fifth and final- Lie
  • Quickly mash correct buttons in quicktime event
  • Select third option
  • Select third option again
  • Select number 11
  • Seventh statement- fourth bullet
  • Word is “vent”
  • Fourth statement- first bullet
  • Select option three
  • Select option three again
  • Fifth statement- fourth bullet
  • Select option one
  • The order is random but it’s pretty obvious what the answer is. Won’t say here because of spoilers but it begins with “Kill…”

Danganronpa V3 – Closing Argument and Ending

Danganronpa V3

We have separated the closing argument from the rest of the guide as to avoid any spoilers. Only, and we repeat only, read ahead if you are at the closing argument and final portion of the class trial. We attempted to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, but the order of comic photos makes us have to refer to them by their title. We recommend completing it in this order:

  • First empty space- choose Kaito, Gonta, and Tenko comic strip
  • Fourth empty space- prop vent grate up
  • Second- Miu Irumi
  • Third- shot put balls
  • Fifth- open the encyclopedia
  • Sixth- turn on flash function
  • Seventh- receiver goes off
  • Eighth- classroom vent
  • Ninth- Rantaro
  • Tenth- promotional video
  • Eleventh and final space- bookcase returns to its original position
  • Closing Argument complete
  • Vote for first person on the list of people
  • Grab your tissues
  • End Chapter One