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Destiny 2 Strategies: How to Win Against the Mida Multi-Tool in The Crucible

The Crucible meta is settling in, and there are certain weapons in Destiny 2 that are becoming the go to for loadouts. One of the most popular guns right now is the Mida Multi-Tool Exotic Scout Rifle. It’s high damage, excellent range, and ability to use the radar while aiming down sights make it a formidable foe, but luckily there’s some easy tactics to use to take out that four-man fireteam that keeps taking you out from afar.

Destiny 2 Anti-Mida Multi-Tool Strategies: Attack From Mid-Range

Most players that use the Mida Multi-Tool are going to also be packing the Mida Mini-Tool submachine gun in their energy slot because of the bonuses you get when you’ve got both equipped. The Multi-Tool is great at long-range, and the Mini-Tool can execute quick takedowns at close-range, but both of them are garbage at mid-range.

The Scathelocke auto rifle or Lincoln Green pulse rifle are two great kinetics that can outmatch both of the Mida weapons at mid-range. A good energy weapon to fall back is the Last Hope sidearm, which is better than the Mini-Tool close-in in my opinion. Additionally, Scathelocke in particular is a good performer at long-range combat with its Under Pressure perk.

Destiny 2 Anti-Mida Multi-Tool Strategies: Banzai Attacks

Teamwork is critical in The Crucible and often the four players on each team end up staying bunched up. In some game modes this can end up in a stalemate, especially when everyone is using the Mida Multi-Tool, where teams just keep their distance and take pot shots at each other.

To break a stalemate like this, you might have to make a sacrifice. Having one teammate flank the enemy, while trying to do as much damage as possible will draw the attention of at least a few of the enemy away from your main group. With the remaining three teammates you can then close in and attack or pick off your distracted foes at a distance.

Destiny 2 Anti-Mida Multi-Tool Strategies: Collect Ammo and Use Power Weapons

If you find yourself unable to approach the enemy because of the concentrated Mida Multi-Tool fire, it’s likely they’re not collecting the Power Ammo that spawns around each map. Rocket Launchers, Sniper Rifles, and Linear Fusion Rifles are three great classes of weapons that can hit the enemy hard from afar. They’ll either have to hold their position and get slaughtered or scatter and get picked off one-by-one.