Box art - The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2: How to Hold More Ammo

In The Evil Within 2 you can’t hold a lot of ammo at a time. When you start the game, Sebastian can barely keep enough rounds to fill a few magazines for each gun you find. Each weapon doesn’t have a great capacity for ammo either, so you don’t have a lot of shots you can put in an enemy before you have to reload. During this reload period you’re highly vulnerable to damage, and it’s not hard to die while you’re trying to recharge your weapon.

Below we detail how to upgrade the amount of total ammo you can carry at a time, and how to fit more rounds in each weapon’s magazine.

The Evil Within 2: Find Ammo Pouches to Hold More Rounds

At the beginning of your adventure, Sebastian can only hold a laughable amount of rounds. Given that he also sways around like he’s drunk whenever you aim your weapon, it’s not hard to empty your meager supply of bullets in just a few enemies.

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Once you enter chapter 3 of the game, you can start looking for ammo pouches to expand your total capacity. Throughout The Evil Within 2 you’ll find these pouches for every ranged weapon you pick up except for the flamethrower.

Handgun Ammo Pouch Upgrade Levels

  • Initial Amount: 20
  • 1st Upgrade: 26
  • 2nd Upgrade: 32
  • 3rd Upgrade: 38
  • 4th Upgrade: 44
  • 5th Upgrade: 60

Shotgun Ammo Pouch Upgrade Levels

  • Initial Amount: 7
  • 1st Upgrade: 10
  • 2nd Upgrade: 13
  • 3rd Upgrade: 16
  • 4th Upgrade: 25

Sniper Rifle Ammo Pouch Upgrade Levels

  • Initial Amount: 8
  • 1st Upgrade: 11
  • 2nd Upgrade: 14
  • 3rd Upgrade: 25

Assault Rifle Ammo Pouch Upgrade Levels

  • Initial Amount: 90
  • 1st Upgrade: 120
  • 2nd Upgrade: 150
  • 3rd Upgrade: 300

Warden Crossbow Ammo Pouch Upgrade Levels

  • Initial Amount: 5
  • 1st Upgrade: 6
  • 2nd Upgrade: 7
  • 3rd Upgrade: 10

The Evil Within 2: Upgrade Weapons to Have Higher Ammo Capacity

No matter how many rounds you can hold in total, they’re not worth much if you have to reload constantly. At any workbench, you can use Weapon Parts to upgrade each of your guns. The first few capacity upgrades are cheap, but soon you’ll have to start deciding whether power, reload speed, or rate of fire is more important to you than more shots per magazine.

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