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The Evil Within 2 – Where to Find All Mysterious Objects (Fallout, Skyrim Easter Eggs)

It isn’t unusual for a game to take the time to pay tribute to another entry in its series or a sister franchise that came before it. Whether it’s a crossover for another game or what-have-you, there are many ways for a game to host secrets for only its most dedicated fans to find.

The Evil Within 2 does just that, paying homage to many of its publisher Bethesda’s finest franchises through several Easter eggs that are sure to challenge the completionist in you. Though the game has yet to arrive, we’ve had some time to sit down and sift through its various chapters.

We’ve gone through every chapter of the game and will show you how to find all eight of these “mysterious objects” that pay tribute to items in other Bethesda games. These objects, when collected, can be displayed in Sebastian’s safe room. To find each of them, here is where you need to go and in what chapter:

The Evil Within 2 – All Chapter 3 Mysterious Objects Locations

Evil Within 2

Replica Rocket Launcher (Quake)- For this one, you need to be near the House Inn. In the Residential District of Union, there is a house that has a chain link fence around it. Inside the fence is a small shed. Climb up to the top of the shed and from there, use the connecting planks to walk across to the house’s roof. On top of the roof is the Quake rocket launcher.

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Corvo’s Mask (Dishonored)- Climb aboard the abandoned train and travel along it until you find the train car that has body parts scattered around and rats running about. At the back of the car, you will find mask lying on a seat.

Panzerhund (Wolfenstein)- Search the back of the truck near Treadwell Trucking for a crate. Smash the crate open with your knife to find the miniature Panzerhund from the Wolfenstein series.

The Evil Within 2 – Chapter 6 Mysterious Object

Bobblehead (Fallout)- This one requires some backtracking during chapter six. After meet The Hunter a second time and run away, backtrack to the storage room. In a corner there, you will find this classic Fallout item sitting between crates.

The Evil Within 2 – Chapter 7 Mysterious Object

Doomguy (DOOM)- While in chapter seven, you will visit the Union Business District. Find the dead Mobius body and follow around the corner to a large container. The Doomguy figure is hiding inside there.

The Evil Within 2 – Chapter 12 Mysterious Object

Trophy (The Elder Scrolls)- Right at the start of chapter 12, you wake up. Go upstairs inside the house and you will find this trophy on a desk.

The Evil Within 2 – Chapter 13 Mysterious Object

Muge (Prey)- Go behind the reception desk of the Sanctuary Hotel. You can find this mug hiding just behind there.

The Evil Within 2 – Chapter 17 Mysterious Object

The Keeper (The Evil Within)- This Keeper bobblehead can be found in Sebastian’s house. Go inside the living room and it is sitting on a shelf there.