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Elex – A Complete Guide to All Factions and Which Ones are the Best

For those of you that have played games like Skyrim and Fallout, you know that they require to think long and hard about what faction(s) you will join. Elex is the next to join that list of massive RPG’s with a difficult faction decision to make. After all, factions play a huge role in Elex right down to being one of the core points in its world and story.

As such, you will want to make the right choice. For you, it could be completely different than John Everygamer’s choice, but it is still important to know your options and weigh them evenly. We’ve poured dozens and dozens of hours into Elex and explored the three main factions on behalf of you so you don’t have to potentially waste time and effort.

Elex – Outlaws Faction


The Outlaws look like they walked right out of a Mad Max movie. Hailing from the barren wastelands in Magalan, this ragtag group of fighters are known for barely keeping any semblance of community. Each person does their own thing in an almost anarchic society, where drugs and other unsavory acts are rampant.

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Being that the Outlaws are all dangerous and well-equipped, they will appeal to players who want the most varied arsenal available at your disposal. Guns, grenades, drugs, you name it and they have it for you. The largest selling point for the Outlaws is that it is really the only faction that can truly craft.

Though that is a significant benefit to joining them, they are unfortunately at the biggest disadvantage in combat. Lacking the powers of the other factions and due to the unbalanced nature of gameplay in Elex, it is worst faction in the game. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to play, as it certainly is possible. In fact, anyone with a love for anarchy or simply attracted to the Outlaw style shouldn’t hesitate to pick them.

Elex – Berserkers Faction


Unlike the Outlaws, the Berserkers’ name is much more misleading. With a name like that, you would expect a savage group of people but that is actually quite the opposite. The Berserkers are the first faction you encounter in Elex and they are more akin to your traditional fantasy, medieval people.

Contrary to the Outlaws’ harsh lands, the Berserkers live in peaceful, lush forests. They have created an almost tribal community that, while willing to fight, prefer peace over anything else. They despise the element Elex and will do anything to rid it from the face of Magalan.

As they don’t rely on technology from Elex, they use more primitive weapons like knives, swords, and such. Their biggest draw, though, is their discovery of magic. The Berserkers are the only faction you can join that can employ the use of fireballs, summons, and the like. Their magic is strong and anyone that prefers that traditional fantasy RPG-style should definitely choose them.

Elex – Clerics Faction


The Clerics live in a colder climate with a society that revolves around technology and the element Elex. Harnessing that technology, they have created laser and plasma weapons that they use to brutally vaporize their enemies. They love tech so much that it has even become their religion.

The Clerics worship technology as their god and have built massive machines and androids as a major part of their armies and cities. They also have access to Psi powers (think psychic) that is their counterpart to the Berserker’s magic. Because of their advanced technology and powers, the Clerics are the easiest faction to join and play as.

Their powers, weapons, and armor give you a significant advantage over every other faction out there. Their armor and weapons all give off a Mass Effect-vibe, so anyone with a love for science fiction and/or space games should choose them. Due to the unbalanced nature of Elex, they are easily the best and most superior faction in the game.