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Octopath Traveler Starting Character Guide: Which Character Should You Start With?

Getting started in Octopath Traveler might cause some headaches for those wondering which character to choose and start with. There are eight characters to choose from at the beginning of the game. Each one comes with their own backstory and unique gameplay trait. Even Octopath Traveler’s story will be slightly different depending on which character you choose as your main protagonist. What of the eight Octopath Traveler characters do you choose? What one offers the best kind of game for you? We’ve put together this nifty guide to give you all the detail you need to know before jumping into Octopath Traveler.

Octopath Traveler Characters: Alfyn Greengrass

Octopath Traveler characters Alfyn

Alfyn Greengrass is an apothecary. He can heal himself and any member of his party. He can deal ice damage and attacks with an axe. His main battle ability is “Concoct,” which allows Alfyn to create items. This is a godsend if you’re running low on healing items. If you do pick Alfyn, his skill outside of battle is “Inquire”. Alfyn can gather information from townspeople by talking to them. You may get rewards, too, such as discounts from shops, extra items for sale, or maybe even the location of hidden treasures. The greater the benefit from inquiring, however, the higher level Alfyn must be.

Octopath Traveler Characters: Cyrus Albright

octopath traveler characters cyrus

Cyrus Albright is a professor. Cyrus is your traditional mage in Octopath. He attacks using elemental magic and can support your party with boosts to evasion stats and elemental attack strength. Cyrus can analyze his enemies, too. Analyze them to find out their health stats and discover one weakness. Outside of battle, Cyrus can “Scrutinize.” Much like Alfyn, Cyrus can discover information from townsfolk, but he interrogates them. It’s much the same as Alfyn’s “Inquire” skill, but more aggressive. If you fail to interrogate, however, your reputation in that town will suffer.

Octopath Traveler Characters: H’aanit

Octopath Traveler characters haanit

H’aanit is the hunter of the pack. She attacks with bows, axes and lightning magic. A fierce warrior, she can also “Capture” beasts. These captured enemies can help out in battle, but their effects are random. Outside of battle, H’aanit can “Provoke.” This allows H’aanit to set beasts on NPCs and face them in a duel. Should your beast lose the fight, your reputation will suffer. Winning grants you with various rewards such as money, experience points and can help to remove people from blocking certain areas.

Octopath Traveler Characters: Olberic Eisenberg

octopath traveler characters olberic

Olberic Eisenberg is your knight in Octopath. He is the traditional tank party member. He can take a lot of damage and dish out some serious pain, too. Using either polearms or swords, he focusses on defense. When using “Bolster Defense,” Olberic can trade in BP to increase his defense. Outside of battle, Olberic can “challenge” NPCs. It’s very similar to H’aanit’s “Provoke.” The only difference is that Olberic fights, instead of a summoned beast. Olberic likely won’t die, either, being able to walk away with 1HP.

Octopath Traveler Characters: Ophilia Clement

Octopath Traveler characters Ophilia

Ophilia Clement is a cleric, and as such, focuses on healing. She can attack with light-based magic, however. She’s stronger than she may first appear. Outside of battle, Ophilia can “Guide.” This allows her to escort townspeople to various locations. The more powerful the NPC, the higher level Ophilia will need to be in order to guide them. The guided NPC can join in in battles and be used to complete side-quests, earning you rewards, naturally.

Octopath Traveler Characters: Primrose Azelhart

octopath traveler characters primrose

The dancer of the troupe, Primrose Azelhart can buff party members in a battle with various dances. She attacks with a dagger and dark magic. Her skill outside of battle is “Allure,” which works in the same way as Ophilia’s “Guide” ability, which is explained above.

Octopath Traveler Characters: Therion

octopath traveler characters therion

What’s an RPG without a thief? Therion, thankfully, takes up this noble role. A quick attacker, he relies on daggers and swords to damage enemies. He’s great at dodging incoming attacks, too. He can steal items, SP and even HP from enemies, to boot! Outside of battle, Therion’s skill is “Steal.” This allows him to steal items from townsfolk. This can come in handy, for sure. Got to pick a pocket or two.

Octopath Traveler Characters: Tressa Colozone

octopath traveler characters tressa

Last, but not least, is Tressa Colozone. The merchant of your merry band of misfits can “Purchase” outside of battle. This works in the same way as Therion’s “Steal” ability, but is much nicer and will set you back some cash. How honest. In battle, she can equip polearms and bows and attack with wind-based magic, too. Tressa can also collect money from enemies (essentially stealing).

While there is a lot to get through, hopefully this guide has made your character decision in Octopath Traveler easier. Octopath Traveler releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch July 13th.