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Fire Emblem Warriors Max Level: How Far Can You Raise Your Characters?

In Fire Emblem Warriors, your heroes get stronger with each level you gain. In addition to the benefits of increased strength, you have to raise your level to a certain point to switch to a new class. The Fire Emblem series and Warriors games have treated leveling very differently, so it’s easy to get confused with this new game as to what your characters’ max level can be. We’ll take a look at how leveling works in each series, and how that applies to this new game.

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What is the Max Level Cap in Fire Emblem Warriors?

In the main series of Fire Emblem games your level starts over each time you change class. You get to keep your stats, but its back to level one if you switch to a new job. Most jobs in Fire Emblem have a level cap of 20, though there are some that go up to 30 or 40.

In Hyrule Warriors, the last game Nintendo-themed Musou game before Fire Emblem Warriors, the level cap increased three times. When the game first came out, you could only go up to level 99. However, with the release of the DLC, the level cap rose to 155, and then 255.

In Fire Emblem Warriors we see a hybrid of these two leveling systems. You have to reach at least level 15 before you change classes, but when you do switch to an advanced job, you don’t go back to level 1. Instead, you just keep leveling up as usual. This indicates that the likely max level cap for Fire Emblem Warriors will follow the same pattern that Hyrule Warriors did. We haven’t entirely made it up to level 99 yet, but we assume that will be the initial cap. It’s likely that when the DLC releases we’ll see an increase in the max level your heroes can be trained to.

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