Box art - Destiny 2

Destiny 2 PC is Now Available to Download

Destiny 2 PC is now available to download on, with the game’s servers officially going live.

The FPS, which was initially brought to the PS4 and Xbox One last month before finally making its way to PC, features a slew of PC specific enhancements from performance upgrades through to 4K resolution support. As such, many have held off on buying the game in order to pick it up on PC, with it finally launching today.

Destiny 2 PC’s servers were brought online at 10 am PDT today, allowing PC players to create their Guardians and begin taking on the evil Ghaul’s armed forces. As outlined in our review, we loved Destiny 2 on consoles and believed that it rectified a lot of mistakes Bungie made in its predecessor, with its appearance on PC set to provide some nice performance boosts that will likely make it an even more enjoyable experience on the platform.

While Steam and GOG are usually the destinations for PC game downloads with Destiny 2 being published by Activision, you must instead download Destiny 2 PC via

What to do if Destiny 2‘s ‘Play’ button is inaccessible

If you’ve downloaded Destiny 2 PC but the ‘Play’ button is inaccessible, you must restart the launcher (you can end the process on your Windows task manager) and restart it. It should then appear, allowing you to jump right in.