Box art - Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey Guide: How to Get to Peach’s Castle and the Mushroom Kingdom Using the Secret Passage

Super Mario Odyssey allows Mario to eventually travel to the Mushroom Kingdom, wherein he can explore a revamped Peach’s Castle, catalog achievements with Toadette and root out the various hidden secrets located around it. But how do you get there?

There are two ways to reach the Mushroom Kingdom. The first is the most obvious way — you must complete the game. After rescuing Peach from her forced wedding with Bowser, both the plumber and the princess will hop aboard the Odyssey and head to Mario’s homeland. However, there’s an alternative method of getting there that you can actually use to journey to the Mushroom Kingdom before you reach Super Mario Odyssey‘s finale.

Super Mario Odyssey: How to reach Peach’s Castle earlier in the game

You can reach Mushroom Kingdom before Super Mario Odyssey‘s conclusion by journeying to the Luncheon Kingdom. Next to the Odyssey you’ll see two slingshots, which you can control using Cappy to reach the ledge to your left.

From there, drop down and control the lava to swim to the cannon around the corner behind the Odyssey. Launch out of the cannon, then continue ahead to the liquid wall ahead of you, which is lined with stumps. Use the cannon located there to launch further across the map.

Now you’ll be at the end of the world, and you’ll see one the Luncheon Kingdom’s citizens stranded atop a structure ahead of you. Venture over to it and you can help him ground pound the cracks in the floor for a Power Moon.

Walk along the right-hand side of the structure, and you’ll see a Mario 64-esque painting. Jump in it and you’ll be taken to Yoshi’s House (though Yoshi unfortunately isn’t in). Though there’s not much you can do here, you can climb a free trees, take a look through your binoculars and admire a great view of Peach’s Castle before you’ll get the chance to run around in it later in the game.