Box art - Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey: Metal Blocks and What They Do

As you’re playing through Super Mario Odyssey you’ll have likely encountered a metal block or two, with these immovable objects having seemingly no significance in the game other than to cause a little confusion. You can throw Cappy at them, ground pound them and attack them, but no matter what they won’t budge — that is, until you complete the game.

After completing Super Mario Odyssey and revisiting one of its kingdoms, you’ll learn that these metal blocks are actually Moon Rocks. When you revisit them in each kingdom after completing the game, you’ll notice that a few cracks have now appeared in them and a glowing light is emerging from their center. But what do they do?

Super Mario Odyssey‘s Metal Blocks: What Are They?

Super Mario Odyssey‘s Moon Rocks are actually a way to litter the game with even more Power Moons, thus aiding players in their quest to unlock more post-game kingdoms to explore. Now when you hit them they’ll burst into the air, before disappearing into the sky and breaking into many more Power Moons that will be distributed throughout each respective kingdom.

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The location of these Power Moons will also be marked on your mini-map for each kingdom, making them easier to find. This will enable you to swiftly work through obtaining all of them, which will grant you access to the secret kingdoms that lie ahead of Mario on his post-game adventure.