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Call of Duty WW2 Supply Drops Explained: How to Earn Loot Boxes and What They Do

Call of Duty WW2‘s Supply Drops are the game’s version of your standard loot boxes, allowing you to either invest time or real money into the game in order to unlock various weapon accessories, calling cards, emotes and more. However, unlike the standard loot boxes you’ll see in the likes of Overwatch, Call of Duty WW2‘s Supply Drops are a little more complicated. With that being said, let’s break down how they work in the game, how you can unlock them and the kind of rewards they offer.


How to Earn Call of Duty WW2 Supply Drops

There are a number of ways in which you can earn Supply Drops in Call of Duty WW2. Firstly, you can earn them by playing multiplayer matches, with the game handing them over to players for completing challenges, reaching certain ranks or distributing them to players randomly at the end of matches. You can also complete Quartermaster contracts and Major Howard’s orders, with these timed challenges rewarding you with regular or rare Supply Drops for completing them.

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Supply Drops are not available to purchase with any of Call of Duty WW2‘s in-game currency, with Armory Credits and Rank Tokens reserved for the purchasing of other items. It’s instead inevitable that Call of Duty Points, the CoD currency obtained using real-world cash, will allow players to get their hands on more Supply Drops, though this feature has yet to be introduced to the game.


What is inside Call of Duty WW2 Supply Drops?

Fortunately, Call of Duty WW2‘s Supply Drops are cosmetic only in the game’s core multiplayer mode. The boxes contain cards that can be used to unlock weapon variants, emotes, calling cards, emblems, skins and apparel, but there are no items that will introduce stat boosts, so you can’t pay your way to victory. This varies slightly in Nazi Zombies, with Supply Drops also potentially granting you consumables with beneficial status effects.

Each Supply Drops gives you a randomized selection of three of these items, with Rare Supply Drops boasting a higher chance of more valuable items. Interestingly, there are ways of increasing your chances of obtaining rare items, as we’ll outline below.


Call of Duty WW2 Social Score Explained

Call of Duty WW2 encourages players to be as sociable as possible, with Sledgehammer Games including an interesting Social Score mechanic. Each player’s Social Score impacts upon the odds of them receiving better items in their Supply Drops, with this score able to be increased in a variety of ways in the game’s Headquarters.

The Headquarters is Call of Duty WW2‘s social hub, wherein you can open up your Supply Drops and take part in a few activities outside of the main multiplayer offerings. Here you can boost your Social Score by watching friends and other players in the Headquarters open up their Supply Drops, challenging someone in its shooting gallery or taking part in a quick 1v1 match in its pit. Increasing your Social Score will increase the chances of you obtaining rare and epic items in your drops, making them a vital part of the multiplayer experience. They’re also a fun deviation from its competitive modes, so they’re definitely worth checking it aside from their impact on Supply Drops.