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CoD WW2 Tactical Takedown Problems: How to Complete the Annoying Daily

The CoD WW2 Tactical Takedown daily has been giving players worldwide headaches, with the challenge’s confusing wording leaving many struggling to complete it.

The order instructs players to “Get 5 kills on enemies affected by a tactical grenade,” though many have found that even if they throw a tactical grenade at an enemy and leave them impaired, killing them afterwards does not contribute to their progression with the challenge. As such, many have taken to online forums in order to discuss how the objective is “bugged” or “broken,” but the reality is that the challenge is working just fine — it’s just its wording that has been messed up by Sledgehammer Games.

How to complete the CoD WW2 Tactical Takedown daily


While the Tactical Takedown daily’s description would lead you to believe that your enemies need to be affected by a tactical grenade before you kill them, the challenge is instead completed when a player mows down five enemies while they are affected by a grenade. This means that if you’re stunned by a tactical grenade and take down five enemies while your vision and movement is impaired, you’ll complete the challenge.

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This is a tricky daily to complete in general, but the poor wording has made it even more difficult for CoD WW2 players. With players having to first be stunned by a tactical grenade, thus making them more vulnerable in a gunfight, then having to kill 5 enemy players to get the challenge, it seems likely that this will be uncompleted for many.