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COD WW2 Firing Range Sequence: All Three Secret Targets in Call of Duty WW2

Finding Easter Eggs in Call of Duty WW2 is a lot of fun, and players are still uncovering new ones. If you’ve seen the firing range in Headquarters mode, you’ll know it looks like a great place to hunt for secrets. To find the secrets though, you’ll have to shoot targets in the CoD WW2 firing range in a particular sequence.

Below you can find all three firing range sequences, what order you need to shoot the targets, and what happens when you get it right.

CoD WW2 Firing Range: First Sequence

The first sequence on the Call of Duty WW2 HQ firing range will have you shooting some hidden watermelons. Execute the steps below to find the melons:

  1. In the front left, you’ll see small white targets with a black outer ring in two sets of six.
  2. Shoot each of the six targets, and you’ll notice more targets will pop up.
  3. Shoot those targets and a few more will appear.
  4. Once you shoot those, the watermelons will pop out.

CoD WW2 Firing Range: Second Sequence

This time you’ll be aiming at targets that are attached to the sniper tower. You’ll want to equip a sniper rifle for this one and possibly bring a friend.

  1. Shoot the six targets on the sniper tower.
  2. Right after you shoot the sixth target two man-shaped targets will pop up in the tower. Shoot them.
  3. After that three targets will appear which move left to right.
  4. You need to hit the two enemy targets without striking the friendly target.

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CoD WW2 Firing Range: Third Sequence

The last sequence is challenging to do solo. You’ll be shooting clay pigeons, and it really helps to have some friends on this one.

  1. Shoot the four man-shaped targets in the center of the firing range.
  2. Shoot the next three man-shaped targets that appear.
  3. Shoot the third set of four man-shaped targets that pop up.
  4. Shoot the single man-shaped target that shows up next.
  5. As soon as you hit the single man-shaped target, a single clay pigeon will fly over the range. Shoot it.
  6. Next, there will be two clay pigeons released. Shoot them.
  7. Finally, three clay pigeons will make their flight. Shoot them to complete this sequence.

Unfortunately, there’s no big reward for completing the CoD WW2 firing range sequences. You get some XP, and it brings you a step closer to getting a calling card.

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