Box art - Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Route 1: Pokémon You Can Catch

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon starts you off at Route 1 in Alola on Melemele Island. Route 1 stretches from Iki Town, pas your home, and into Hau’oli City. It connects to Route 2 near Hau’oli Cemetary and turns into Route 3 near Kala’e Bay. It’ll be the first area you get a chance to catch Pokémon in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and there’s quite a bit of variety in the species if you are patient and look around.

Below are the first Pokémon you can catch on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Route 1.

What Pokémon Can I Catch On Route 1 in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

A lot of Pokémon games have some real duds at the first route, but these games have an excellent selection to capture that can help you start building your Pokémon dream team. There’s a lot of Bug and Flying types of course, but you’ll also find Pokémon from almost every Fighting Type here. Below we’ve split the Alola Route 1 Pokémon up by type, and pointed out which ones are dual-types.

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Route 1 Bug-Type Pokémon

  • Caterpie
  • Grubbin
  • Ledyba (Bug, Flying)
  • Metapod
  • Spinarak (Bug, Poison)

Route 1 Dark-Type Pokémon

  • Alola Grimer (Poison, Dark)
  • Alola Meowth
  • Alola Rattata (Dark, Normal)

Route 1 Electric-Type Pokémon

  • Magnemite (Electric, Steel)
  • Pichu

Route 1 Flying-Type Pokémon

  • Ledyba (Bug, Flying)
  • Pikipek (Normal, Flying)
  • Wingull (Flying, Water)
  • Zubat (Poison, Flying)

Route 1 Ground-Type Pokémon

  • Alola Diglett (Ground, Steel)

Route 1 Normal-Type Pokémon

  • Pikipek (Normal, Flying)
  • Alola Rattata (Normal, Dark)
  • Yungoos

Route 1 Poison-Type Pokémon

  • Alola Grimer (Poison, Dark)
  • Spinarak (Bug, Poison)
  • Zubat (Poison, Flying)

Route 1 Psychic-Type Pokémon

  • Slowpoke (Psychic, Water)

Route 1 Rock-Type Pokémon

  • Bonsly
  • Rockruff

Route 1 Steel-Type Pokémon

  • Alola Diglett (Ground, Steel)
  • Magenemite (Electric, Steel)

Route 1 Water-Type Pokémon

  • Psyduck
  • Slowpoke (Water, Psychic)
  • Wingull (Flying, Water)

As you can see, there’s a wide array of Pokémon to choose from on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Route 1. They will be extremely low level, likely lower than your starter Pokémon at the beginning of the game. If you nurture them though, you’ll be able to grow a team that will stay with you the whole game.

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