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Pokemon Sword and Shield Type: Null | Evolution list

There is plenty to get on with during the Pokemon Sword and Shield post-game, including getting hold of Type: Null. In this guide, we’ll let you know how to unlock Type: Null in Sword and Shield and how to evolve Type: Null into Silvally. We’ll run you through the complete Pokemon Sword and Shield Type: Null evolution list, including how to get all of the Silvally Memories and how to use the Memory Discs.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Type: Null Location | How to get

Pokemon Sword and Shield Type: Null

Once you have defeated the Galar League and become the region’s Champion, you can unlock Type: Null and add the mysterious Pokemon to your team and Pokedex. The Pokemon Sword and Shield Type: Null location is in the Battle Tower in Wyndon. Simply head inside the Battle Tower in Wyndon and speak to the woman standing next to a Type: Null. She will give you the Type: Null as long as you are the Galar Champion.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Type: Null | Evolution list

Pokemon Sword and Shield Type: Null

If you didn’t know already, Type: Null can evolve into Silvally. This powerful Pokemon can transform its Type depending on what Memory Disc item it is holding. Depending on the Memory you have Silvally hold, that’s what type it will be, and what type its powerful Multi-Attack Move is, too.

How to get the Type: Null Memories

Along with giving you Type: Null, the same woman should also give you all of Silvally’s Memories. Thankfully, you don’t have to go around searching for them. You don’t need to make Silvally hold a Memory, either. You can keep the Pokemon as a Normal-type if not.

Type: Null Evolution List

There should be a Memory Disc for each of the Types within Pokemon Sword and Shield. You should be given the following Memories along with Type: Null:

  • Fighting Memory
  • Flying Memory

  • Poison Memory

  • Ground Memory

  • Rock Memory

  • Bug Memory

  • Ghost Memory

  • Steel Memory

  • Fire Memory

  • Water Memory

  • Grass Memory

  • Electric Memory

  • Psychic Memory

  • Ice Memory

  • Dark Memory

  • Fairy Memory

  • Dragon Memory

How to Evolve Type: Null

Just as in Pokemon Sun and Moon, in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can only evolve Type: Null into a Silvally once it has reached a certain level of happiness. The happiness rating of Type: Null must be 220 or higher before it will evolve following a level-up. Playing with Type: Null and cooking curry with it will raise its happiness levels.

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