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Star Wars Battlefront 2 How to Level Classes: Increase Your Card Level and Rank

Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s progression system is weird to say the least, with EA DICE making the controversial decision to tie leveling up into the game’s Star Cards.

Star Cards are the main way of upgrading each class, with the more abilities you unlock and upgrade granting you a higher level. However, this system is more than a little confusing, so we’ve outlined exactly how it works below.

How to level classes in Battlefront 2

In Star Wars Battlefront 2 your overall rank is separate from your card level, with the former representing your overall level in the game while the latter is class-based. Each of your classes will have its own individual card level which is increased by way of obtaining, crafting or upgrading Star Cards. These Star Cards can either be found in Battlefront 2‘s supply crates, or you can outright unlock them using crafting materials.

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While your rank is separate from your card level, it allows you to increase the level of each respective class by granting you the ability to upgrade your Star Cards. There are four levels for each Star Card, and up until you hit rank 10 you can only craft the first level of each one. However, once you reach rank 10 you can craft level 2 Star Cards, level 3 at rank 15 and level 4 at rank 20. When a card is upgraded it becomes more powerful, along with increasing the card level of that class.

Upgrading cards increases your card level, with you using crafting materials in order to do so. These are obtained from supply crates, which are either rewarded to players for completing challenges or reaching certain levels, or can also be purchased using credits. They were previously purchasable using crystals, Battlefront 2‘s paid currency, though EA recently temporarily disabled this feature.

Every time you unlock a new Star Card, your card rank will increase. You can equip up to three Star Cards once you reach card level 10 for a specific class, though regardless of which Star Cards you equip, your card level will not increase or decrease. For instance, you could be a level 20 Heavy class, though only opt to equip three low-level Star Cards — your card level for that class would remain the same regardless.


Battlefront 2 card level explained

As previously mentioned, increasing your card level to 10 for a class allows you to equip up to three Star Cards. With these Star Cards granting you extra abilities or proving you with boosts such as increased health regeneration or swifter cooldown times, they can provide a huge advantage on the battlefield.

Outside of this, your card level is essentially just a way of representing the kind of power you have at your disposal. With your card level increasing with every new Star Card you unlock or upgrade, the higher your level the more of a threat to the enemy you should theoretically be.