Star Wars Battlefront 2 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Playing

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is here, and this sequel has undergone more than a few changes since DICE’s first crack of the whip. While many of these changes are deeply controversial, for those who are bypassing the controversy and having fun with its multiplayer, it can be difficult to figure out a few key elements of the shooter, from its progression system through to which Star Cards you should be using.

As such, we’ve provided a rundown of tips that can help you get on your feet in the game. If you want to get an instant advantage over those enemy Stormtroopers / Rebels, then read on:


1. Don’t rely on supply crates

star wars battlefront 2 tips

The drop rate for level 4 Star Cards in supply crates is extremely low, and most of the time you’ll be lucky if you manage to get your hands on a level 2 card. While many are stressing that you should seek to invest your credits in supply crates in order to improve each class, the reality is that Battlefront 2 has very unforgiving RNG that gives players very little reward in return for a hefty sum of credits.

It’s incredibly likely that EA DICE is going to fiddle around with this system and potentially lower the price of supply crates, or increase the amount of rewards players get for them, or (hopefully) drastically increase the amount of credits players earn altogether. As such, spending credits in the game’s current state feels like a waste, as you can spend hours amassing just enough to buy a handful of supply crates before emerging with little more than a boring emote to show for it.

My advice is to stick to crafting your own Star Cards out of crafting materials, and either try to save as many credits as you can or throw caution to the wind and splash out on the game’s heroes instead. Sure, they may not be as useful as upgrading your four basic classes, but Battlefront 2‘s RNG Gods are too unpredictable to rely on right now.

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2. Craft those Star Cards

If you’ve found your class of choice, you’re going to want to head into their collection of Star Cards and start unlocking yourself some Star Cards. While Star Cards can be obtained from supply crates, Battlefront 2‘s loot box equivalent, as previously mentioned it’s more beneficial to use your crafting materials to start crafting cards straight out the gate.

As explained in our levelling up guide, Star Cards increase the level of each individual class in the game, including your standard troopers, special troopers, heroes and ships. Each Star Card has four levels, with you able to craft each level 1 card for each class immediately. When you get to card level 10 for a class, you can then equip them with up to three Star Cards, making them more powerful in the process.

Crafting materials are obtained from supply crates, so you’re still going to have to do a fair amount of grinding to be able to unlock enough to make your way to card level 10. However, it’s beneficial to at least make your way to at least that level in order to unlock the third Star Card slot, along with building up your overall player rank so you can start crafting more powerful Star Cards.


3. Claim your rewards

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is unfortunately blighted by an unforgiving grind, with you earning a slim number of credits for each match (roughly your battle points divided by 20) and supply crates, the main way of obtaining new Star Cards and crafting materials, locked behind a hefty 4,000 credits. As such you’re going to need all the help you can get in order to progress in its multiplayer modes, and claiming your rewards should definitely be your first port of call.

You earn rewards through playing Battlefront 2‘s multiplayer, campaign and Arcade modes, with each reward locked behind a certain milestone. The campaign in particular can reward you with high amounts of credits / supply crates for completing each chapter, so invest some time into this single-player experience if you want to start raking in the cash. After completing your milestones and earning your rewards, head on over to the Career menu in order to collect them.


4. Invest in Bounty Hunter and stick with your team

In order to succeed in Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s multiplayer you’re going to want to prioritize racking up Battle Points, with there being two methods you can employ that will allow you to easily do so. First, you’ll need to equip the Bounty Hunter Star Card for your class of choice. This card allows you to gain Battle Points at an increased rate, with it starting at a 5% increase while its level 4 upgrade grants you a whopping 20% increase. You can upgrade the card to level 4 once you hit rank 20, so unless you luck out and pick it up in a supply crate, you’re going to have to start investing some time into the multiplayer in order to maximize your Battle Points.

Secondly, sticking with your squad will double the amount of Battle Points you earn, with a yellow “1x” marker indicating that you’re close enough to another squad member to receive the boost. Unfortunately, Battlefront 2 doesn’t really promote squad play outside of this, so you’ll more than likely wind up losing your teammates in the heat of battle if you’re playing alongside strangers. However, if you’re playing with friends then it’s worth you sticking by each other’s side, as doing so will allow you to climb that leaderboard quickly and reduce the amount of time it’ll take for you to play as a hero or villain.


5. Switch freely between first- and third-person

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Holding down on the d-pad allows you to switch between first- and third-person on the fly, and while you may initially decide to stick to a certain perspective, it’s beneficial if you swap between both depending upon the situation.

First-person is ideal for long-range encounters, with you able to make better use of your gun’s scope and aim with better precision. If you’re taking on enemies who are shooting at you from a distance, treat Battlefront 2 like an FPS. However, when maneuvering around the map or venturing through narrower areas where close-quarters combat is more likely, third-person allows you to see more of your surroundings and will be much more advantageous as a result. Get used to switching between these perspectives at will, and you’ll start climbing the ranks in no time.