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COD WW2 New Leaked Weapons DLC: Breda 30, M1919, and Other Guns Coming to Call of Duty WW2

CoD WW2 is getting some new weapons DLC already in an upcoming update. A lot of the new guns are filling some much-needed niches that the current line-up missed. In particular, the Call of Duty WW2 LMG and pistol roster is getting a boost, which will start bringing them in line with the number of weapons the Infantry Division has access to.

This leaked weapons list appeared on Reddit alongside art assets for the guns. We don’t know what the stats are for these weapons yet, but I assume they’ll fit in amongst the guns we already have, as opposed to being more powerful. We also don’t know how these DLC guns will be accessed in CoD WW2. Hopefully, they’ll be unlocked for Season Pass owners and obtainable via challenges for other players like the system in Infinite Warfare.

Below we’ve broken down the new Call of Duty WW2 DLC weapons by type and provided the art for each gun.

Call of Duty WW2 New Leaked Weapons DLC: Guns Coming to CoD WW2

So far, we have a list of 14 guns and 4 melee weapons that are planned to be released as DLC for Call of Duty WW2.

CoD WW2 Infantry Division New Rifles DLC

Gewehr 43

Type 5


COD WW2 Airborne Division New SMG DLC

Beretta 38


CoD WW2 Armored Division New LMGs DLC

Breda 30



CoD WW2 Mountain Division New Sniper Rifle DLC

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Winchester 94 Lever Action

Call of Duty WW2 Winchester 94 Sideview

CoD WW2 New DLC Pistols

Walther P38


Call of Duty WW2 Reichsrevolver Base

Enfield No. 2

CoD WW2 New Melee DLC Weapons


Combat Knife

Trench Knife

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