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Call of Duty WW2 How to Buy CoD Points and Supply Drops

CoD Points are now available to buy in Call of Duty WW2 to the joy of some gamers–and the dismay of others. Now instead of just earning supply drops through playing the game, you can purchase them using the premium currency that’s been a mainstay of the series since Black Ops. Below, we have all the pricing info for Call of Duty Points in CoD WW2, and what exactly is available for you to buy with them.

How Much Do CoD Points (CP) Cost in CoD WW2 and How do I Buy Them?

Call of Duty WW2 Call of Duty Points CoD Points

CoD Points can be purchased through the quartermaster. There are two ways to access the screen you need to buy CP. You can either hold the button used to bring up the supply drop menu (Right Trigger on Xbox One, R2 on PS4) in your Headquarters and select the quartermaster there. Alternatively, you can speak to the quartermaster in your HQ, which is located just forward and left from where you spawn.

When you load the quartermaster screen in Call of Duty WW2, you’ll notice some new options in addition to Contracts and Collections. To buy CoD Points, you just need to highlight “Purchase CoD Points” and hit A on Xbox One or X on PS4. You’ll then be taken to the screen you can use to buy CP.

In Call of Duty WW2 CoD Point exchange at roughly 0.01 USD per point. The available packages are are:

200 CoD Points: $1.99

1,100 CoD Points (1,000+100): $9.99

2,400 CoD Points (2,000+400): $19.99

5,000 CoD Points (4,000+1,000): $39.99

9,500 CoD Points (7,500+2,000): $74.99

13,000 CoD Points (10,000+3,000): $99.99

How Much Do Supply Drops Cost in CoD WW2?

Call of Duty WW2 Buy Supply Drops

Well, now that you can get CoD Points, you can buy supply drops. You can purchase the loot boxes from the main quartermaster menu, though, there isn’t much variety yet.

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Available for sale right now are:

Starter Bundle: 500 CoD Points

This comes with three Rare Supply Drops and 20 minutes of 25% bonus Soldier XP and Division XP. You can only buy this package once.

Rare Supply Drop: 200 CoD Points

These are the same supply drops you can earn in-game.

Rare Zombie Supply Drop: 200 CoD Points

The same as above, but for use in Nazi Zombies.

If you bought the Digital Deluxe version of Call of Duty WW2, you should have 1,100 CoD Points waiting for you in your mailbox when you log in. With these, you can get the Starter Bundle and three Rare Supply Drops, for a total of six loot boxes altogether.

Right now there isn’t really enough cosmetics to warrant a whole bunch of supply drop purchases. However, a recent leak showed that there will likely be Legendary, Epic, and Weapon Supply Drops added to the game soon, and you can bet they’ll cost more CoD Points than the Rare ones.

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