Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Campsite Themes: How to Choose a Theme

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp begins by allowing you to select from one of four campsite themes, making your personality known to visitors while also appealing to certain animals in the game. Let’s take a look at how this initial choice will impact upon your experience with Pocket Camp.

Animal Crossing Campsite Themes: Which Should You Choose?

There are four themes to choose from in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Natural, Sporty, Cute or Cool. Each theme features its own unique set of furniture, with it also appealing to one of four specific animals who will call your campsite their home from that point on.

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No theme contains specific advantages to the player, though you’ll inevitably favor one more than the others as a result of the furniture they initially grant you, or more importantly, the animal they send through to your campsite.

Animal Crossing Cool Campsite Theme

The cool theme in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is very music-oriented, with it also seeing the eagle Apollo coming to your campsite.

Animal Crossing Cute Campsite Theme

The cute campsite theme is full of pinks, teddy bears and other such adorableness, with the cat Rosie being particularly fond of it.

Animal Crossing Natural Campsite Theme

Go natural and your campsite will boast a look befitting of the great outdoors. The dog Goldie will join your campsite if you select this option.


Animal Crossing Sporty Campsite Theme

As its name suggests, this campsite theme will be ideal for those into their sports. Jay the bluejay will come to your humble abode if you choose this theme.


Changing Your Campsite Theme in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Though it isn’t possible to change your theme in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, all of the furniture in the game will be available to you regardless of what theme you choose. The only thing you won’t be able to change is the animal that visits your campsite, so make sure that you select wisely — if you’re a dog person, you probably won’t want to wind up with a cat for the rest of the game.