Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Request Ticket: How to Use Them

If you’ve been playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp you’ve likely been collecting Request Tickets. Unfortunately, the Beginner’s Guide in Pocket Camp isn’t very helpful in letting you know how and when you’re supposed to use a Request Ticket. Luckily, we’ve discovered their purpose and below we’ll clue you in on how exactly to use these tickets in-game.

In Pocket Camp you’ll notice that your neighbors rotate on the world map every few hours. When you first meet animal friends, you’ll be able to get their friendship level up by completing three requests. However, the further you get into the game, the more chances you have to fulfill to boost your relationship with your friends.

How to Use the Request Ticket in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Request Ticket

Each of the rotating neighbors only has three requests you can fulfill each rotation. So, if you want to gain friendship levels with them sooner, you need a way to make them give you more requests. That’s where the Request Tickets come in.

Head over to a rotating neighbor’s campsite and fulfill their three requests. Once you’ve done that, ask them if they need anything one more time. This will let you use a Request Ticket to complete three more requests from that neighbor. You’ll also get +3 relationship points with that animal, even if you don’t finish the new requests.

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Using Request Tickets will allow you to boost your friendship levels with animals twice as fast. However, they do have some shortcomings. You can only use them with rotating neighbors, not neighbors who are visiting your campsite. Also, they don’t drop super frequently, so you’ll want to save them for animals you really want to gain friendship levels with.

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