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Star Citizen Error Code 10002 and 15006 Fix: Are the Servers Down?

The long-awaited Star Citizen 3.0 update is here, and fans are dusting off old accounts to see what new things have been added to the game. However, if you’re like me, you’ve been plagued by error code 10002 and 15006 while trying to connect to the Star Citizen servers. In the past, deleting, moving, or reverifying files sometimes did the trick when getting server errors, but this time the problem is likely not with you.

Below we’ll explain why error code 10002 and 15006 are popping up in Star Citizen, and some possible fixes to get them to go away.

Star Citizen Error Code 15006 Fix and Causes

If you’ve tried to log into Star Citizen in the last two days, you’ve likely had error code 15006 pop up. You’ll also get the error text: “Synchronizing account data with the game network either failed or timed out.” According to Cloud Imperium Gaming, 15006 comes up when your PTU account hasn’t had all of its items populated. The game network can’t synchronize game data with the client because entries in the database are missing.

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Now, this doesn’t make a ton of sense, seeing as some people have gotten into Star Citizen, and then got error code 15006 when trying to log in again. Also, an account’s item list shouldn’t take up more than a few rows on a table. However, the issue may be with CIG bringing additional servers online which have yet to populate with PTU accounts correctly.

CIG is currently working on 15006 issues, so the only thing you can do is hold tight and try to log in every once in a while.

Star Citizen Error Code 10002 Fix and Causes

If you’re as lucky as I’ve been trying to log in, you’re actually getting a mixture of error code 10002 and 15006 when the Star Citizen client opens. Error code 10002 indicates that there’s an issue with actually connecting to the CIG servers at all. Unlike code 15006 which indicates that your account authenticated, but didn’t sync, code 10002 means you’re not connecting at all.

There’s three potential causes for this issue that I’ve found (and there’s likely more):

Your Firewall is Blocking the Star Citizen Client from Connecting

When you first launch Star Citizen, you should get a prompt from Windows Firewall asking you if you want to allow the client network access. If you don’t click allow access by ignoring the pop-up or clicking cancel, your firewall may be blocking the client. This will result in an error code 10002 since the client can’t connect to CIG’s servers.

You Don’t Have the Latest Launcher

Star Citizen 3.0 comes with a new launcher. My launcher didn’t automatically update to the latest version, so when I tried to download the PTU version of the game and play I steadily got error code 10002. This is because to download the 3.0 PTU you need the new launcher. The old launcher just downloads the 2.6.3 PTU which has gone offline causing a code 10002.

To get the Delta patcher, which will allow you access to Star Citizen 3.0, you can go here. CIG hasn’t updated the download section of the site to include the new launcher yet, so if you download from there, you’re getting the old 2.6.3 patcher.

The Servers Are Down for Maintenance

If CIG has taken the servers down for maintenance or updates, you’ll get an error code 10002 when you try to launch Star Citizen. That’s because there’s no servers available to connect to.

For now, if you’re having either error code 15006 or 10002 when you attempt to launch Star Citizen, just come back again later and try. CIG is currently doing a lot of work on them to begin more waves of PTU invites, so they’ll be down a lot, and many people will be trying to log in. Patience is the best fix for these error codes right now.

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