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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon: How to Get It

Curse of Osiris brings some new exotic gear to Destiny 2 including the awesome Crimson exotic hand cannon. This weapon is utterly ridiculous to put it lightly, and if you like using hand cannons or sidearms, the Crimson is the best of both worlds. Below we go into detail about how to get the Crimson exotic hand cannon in Curse of Osiris, what exactly makes it so good, and if it has a weapon ornament or not.

How to Get the Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon in Curse of Osiris for Destiny 2

The Crimson exotic hand cannon is a beast of a gun and one of my favorite new weapons that came to Destiny 2 with the release of Curse of Osiris. It has a nearly full bar for range and stability, has high impact, is relatively long-range, and is quick to reload for a hand cannon. The only stat that Crimson is deficient in is handling, which means you’ll have a lower draw and aim-down-sight speed, but once you bring the Crimson to bear, anything you point it at dies quick.

Where the Crimson exotic hand cannon gets really special, and what makes it one of the top weapons in Curse of Osiris and Destiny 2 in general, is its perks. Cruel Remedy enables kills with Crimson to heal the wielder and makes precision kills refill your ammo stock.

That’s cool and all, but Banned Weapon is what makes this gun a beast. The Banned Weapon perk allows the Crimson to be the only hand cannon, exotic or otherwise, that fires a three-round burst. Pair this with the 24 round magazine, and you’ll find this gun has insane DPS when used right.

Unfortunately, you have to fight the RNG for the Crimson exotic hand cannon. There’s no event or mission in Curse of Osiris that awards this gun specifically. You’ll have to grind for Exotic Engrams and keep your fingers crossed that they decrypt into this weapon.

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon Weapon Ornament: Silver Bullet

The Crimson also gets a weapon ornament in Curse of Osiris. The Silver Bullet ornament cleans the gun up and adds an elegant silver and gold finish with pearl grips. It’s arguably not as cool looking as the Silver Bullet, but if you’re wanting your Guardian to maintain a more civilized look, it’s probably best not to have them armed with a gun with blood all over the end of it.

Destiny 2 Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon Ornament Silver Bullet

Again, you’ll have to fight the RNG to get the Silver Bullet ornament. You’ll only find it in the Illustrious Engrams which replace Bright Engrams for Season 2. You can get these by filling the level bar or purchasing them with Silver premium currency.

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There is a chance that someday you’ll be able to buy Crimson from Xur and Silver Bullet from the Eververse, but for now, you’ll just have to grind and hope they pop when decrypting engrams.

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