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Destiny 2 Signal Light: Find the Saint-14 Emblem and Perfect Paradox Shotgun

After the Destiny 2 weekly reset, there’s a whole new bunch of Verses you can get from Brother Lance. This week players have the opportunity to get a Saint-14 emblem and Saint-14’s shotgun, Perfect Paradox, but only after completing the Destiny 2 Signal Light mission. To actually start this mission though is somewhat complicated. Read below to find out how to trigger the Signal Light quest and get the Saint-14 emblem and Perfect Paradox in Destiny 2.

How to Start the Signal Light Mission in Destiny 2

To start the chain of quests, you need to complete to get the new emblem and shotgun you’ll need to head to the Lighthouse on Mercury and speak with Brother Vance. Complete all the Lost Prophecy verses he has available. Once you do that he should have a new verse on offer called Another Verse.

Once you accept Another Verse, you’ll get the Signal Light mission. To complete this mission you’ll need to go to the Infinite Forest and complete the find a rift of Light. It’s not too tricky but it does have a Power Level requirement of 300, so make sure you’re around that level before you take it on.

Once you’ve completed the Destiny 2 Signal Light mission, head back to Brother Vance in the Lighthouse and tell him about the rift of Light you saw during the quest.

Collect Concentrated Radiolarian Cultures, Advanced Paradox Amplifiers, and Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms

If you’ve done the other Lost Propechies, you’ll know this old song and dance. He wants you to collect 2 Concentrated Radiolarian Cultures, 2 Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms, and 2 Advanced Paradox Amplifiers.

Find Concentrated Radiolarian Cultures

To get your hands on Concentrated Radiolarian Cultures, you need to get regular old Radiolarian Cultures first. Complete some Public Events and open High-Value Target, Enemy, and Lost Sector chests to find them.

Once you have ten Radiolarian Cultures, you can take them back to the Forge in the Lighthouse on Mercury and distill them into one Concentrated Radiolarian Culture. If you’re lucky though, you’ll just have the two Concentrated Radiolarian Cultures drop on their own, but that’s a rare possibility.

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Find Advanced Paradox Amplifiers

For Advanced Paradox Amplifiers, your best bet is to hit up Crucible matches and Heroic Strikes to get Paradox Amplifier drops. Just like with the Radiolarian Cultures, once you have ten Paradox Amplifiers you can take them to the Forge on Mercury to create one Advanced Paradox Amplifier.

Find Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms

These are probably the hardest of the three types of item to find. Luckily we have a comprehensive guide to finding them.

How to Start Not Even the Darkness Mission in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Signal Light Perfect Paradox Shotgun

After you’ve gathered all those items, head back to Brother Vance and speak with him. He’ll assign you the Not Even the Darkness mission in which you’ll find out more about Saint-14 and what happened to him.

After you’ve completed Not Even the Darkness, head back to Brother Vance, and he’ll give you the Saint-14 Emblem and the ability to forge the Perfect Paradox shotgun.

How to Get the Perfect Paradox Shotgun

The Perfect Paradox shotgun can be forged after you finish Not Even the Darkness in Destiny 2. It’s a pretty good shotgun if you’re a fan of the weapon type and features a Rapid-Fire Frame which allows for full-auto fire and a larger magazine.

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