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Destiny 2 Dawning Armor: How to Get the Gear From the Holiday Event

The Dawning is coming to Destiny 2, and with it comes Dawning Armor and Dawning Engrams. The first Dawning was last December, and this year it’s returning. The big collectibles this year will once again be new Legendary Dawning Armor and the new Dawning-themed Exotics. This year the gear should be easier to get, with there being at least two ways to receive the new Dawning-themed items.

How to Get the Dawning Armor in Destiny 2

The first Dawning in Destiny 2 will be bringing some cool looking Legendary armor. Like last year, the Dawning Armor will be shiny silver with powder blue accents. We don’t know what the stats will be like yet, or if it’ll, they’ll come as base level armor that you’ll have to dismantle gear and use infusion to level up.

Getting Dawning Armor is pretty simple, at least in theory. Each week from December 19 until January 9 you can complete Crucible Mayhem matches or Strike to get a Milestone of Winter and get a Dawning Engram. When you decrypt a Dawning Engram, you have a chance to receive a piece of Dawning Armor.

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Destiny 2 Dawning Armor Titan Warlock Hunter

The second and most surefire way to get the Dawning Armor in Destiny 2 is to buy it. Each week Tess at the Eververse will have a piece of Dawning Armor in her inventory. Just come back each week and purchase the piece she has and by the end of The Dawning, you should have a full set.

How to Get The Dawning Exotic Ship, Ghost, Sparrow, and Emote in Destiny 2

In addition to Dawning Armor, you’ll be able to get some limited-time cosmetic items in Destiny 2. Just like Dawning Armor, there’s a chance these items will drop from Dawning Engrams. However, there’s an easier way to get them.

Destiny 2 The Dawning Tower Winter

If you don’t mind spending Bright Dust (which usually takes some Silver to get in bulk), then Tess will have The Dawning Exotics at the Eververse. Again, check back each week and buy the ones you want, and by the end of the winter event, you should have the chance to get all of them.

We’ll have more on The Dawning winter event in Destiny 2 when it starts on Tuesday, December 19.

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