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Destiny 2 Three of Coins: What Does it Do?

In the original Destiny, Exotics dropped at a slower pace than they do in Destiny 2. However, even in the Destiny 2 you sometimes need a little bit of a boost to help finish your collection. Thankfully, this week we’re seeing the return of an item from the original game: the Three of Coins which will be a big help to those in the endgame trying to get those last few Exotics.

Destiny 2: What is a Three of Coins?

The Three of Coins is a single-use item that increases the drop rate of Exotics for four hours. You can use these the same way you do Cayde’s Scount Reports, and once you do it’ll start the four-hour timer. You can get Three of Coins from Xur each week, though they do go for a hefty price. These items will cost you 31 Legendary Shards, which is enough to buy an Exotic outright from Xur.

Destiny 2: Are 3 of Coins Worth Buying?

Destiny 2 Three of Coins

Most of the time you’re just going to want to buy Exotics from Xur outright. However, there are some circumstances where it’s worth dropping the Shards on a Three of Coins. If you plan on playing for an extended amount of time, you might want to grab one. Especially if Xur doesn’t have any of the Exotics, you need in his inventory for the week.

Destiny 2: How Should I Use the Three of Coins?

If you’re looking to farm Exotic Engrams, you’ll definitely want one of these items. The best time to use a Three of Coins is when you’re about to start your milestones for the week. Use it, then hit up the week’s Flashpoint. To give Exotics an even bigger chance of dropping, make sure you’re playing Heroic Public Events instead of just the standard version.

The two significant drawbacks of the Three of Coins is that you have to play for four hours to make it worth it, and you have a chance of getting duplicate Exotic Gear. If you’re just waiting for a few pieces to complete your collection, you might as well save up for Fated Engrams which guarantee an Exotic you’ve never had before.

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