PUBG Update 0.5.25 Xbox One Patch Notes

PUBG 0.5.25 Xbox One Patch Notes: Here’s What’s in the Update Today

The PUBG 0.5.25 patch went live today, and aims to improve visuals and performance. This is the first update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds since it released in Xbox One Game Preview last week, and hopefully, it’ll fix some of the problems we saw when we gave it our first look. The update today for PUBG also adds a few bug and animation fixes that will also improve the visuals and inner workings of the game.

PUBG 0.5.25 Update: What’s in the Xbox One Patch Notes?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the extensive patch that everyone was hoping for. Although it aims to solve some issues with the game, it’s likely that there will still be some framerate issues and visual performance problems. This is just a first pass for visual and performance improvements, and it will likely take a series of updates before PUBG is as stable as players would like.

Update 0.5.25 does bring some bug fixes and improvements to gameplay and the UI. You can use Gas Cans to fill up your bike while riding it now, which will be a welcome fix for fans of that vehicle. Equipment icons on your HUD will now be visible, and the player icon will show up on the map better. You’ll also get UI prompts when enter a vehicle and reload options are available. Controls on the motorcycle are thankfully not inverted anymore, and keyboard functionality is not officially disabled, so everyone must play with a controller now.

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PUBG‘s animations aren’t the smoothest in general, but there were some issues specific to the Xbox One version that have been fixed with this patch. Sidecar passenger animations in first-person are now fixed, as are camera issues when riding as a passenger in the backseat of the Buggy. There were some issues with arm animations when holding certain weapons that have been corrected, and when you stop while swimming your character will actually face in the right direction from now on.

PUBG patch 0.5.25 addresses a few overarching issues as well. In addition to the first pass visual and performance improvements, you’ll see anti-aliasing turned up a notch on Xbox One and Xbox One S. There are also some localization updates for Spanish and Vietnamese languages.

The following bug fixes have also been implemented in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update 0.5.25:

  • Player nametags will now display correctly in the lobby during Duo and Squad modes.
  • Curtains should no longer block line-of-sight for players in third-person mode.
  • If a squad leader leaves the party, voice chat should no longer cease to function.
  • Players can no longer lean out of a vehicle when they’re obstructed.
  • Cardboard boxes in Yasnaya City now have correct collision models.
  • Typo fixed in the controller guide.
  • Other minor fixes.

How to Update PUBG on Xbox One

The latest PUBG Xbox update went live as of 4 am ET this morning, so if you haven’t automatically received it yet, you might have to be proactive. The most straightforward fix for an Xbox One game not receiving an update is to perform a full restart of the system. Usually, after it comes back on it’ll call home, detect a patch and start downloading it. If that doesn’t work, you can check for updates manually by highlighting PUBG and pressing the menu button and selecting the correct option.

If after trying the above you don’t see the new PUBG patch downloading, check the Xbox Live service and see if there are any interruptions in service. More than likely though, the patch has already automatically updated if your game is in standby mode.

For more info on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds check our guide section.

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