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Destiny 2 How to Throw Snowballs in The Dawning Winter Event

The Destiny 2 Dawning event is here, and with it comes a fun new ability to throw snowballs. Snowballs in Destiny 2 have multiple uses. In addition to adding some seasonal cheer to social spaces, you can use Destiny 2‘s snowballs to attack enemies during Strikes. Below we’ll give you the scoop on exactly how snowballs work and what they do in Strikes.

How to Throw Snowballs in Destiny 2 Social Spaces During The Dawning

Having a snowball fight in Destiny 2‘s social spaces is as easy as it is fun. You just need to look for the snow mounds and watch for the interaction prompts when you get near. Once you’ve pressed the interaction button (Square on PS4, X on Xbox One), you’ll see a snowball appear in your Guardian’s hand.

If you want to throw your snowball, you just treat it like you do a regular weapon. Use the camera to point toward what you want to hit and press the fire button (R2 on PS4, Right Trigger on Xbox One) to throw the snowball.

How to Throw Snowballs in Destiny 2 Strikes and What They Do

Using snowballs in Destiny 2 Strikes is a little more complicated than how they work in social spaces. During Strikes, you’ll see floating snowballs here and there. You can pick one up by holding the interact button. When you pick up a snowball, you’ll be hit with the Frostbite status effect. With Frostbite you can’t pick up another snowball, and it takes eight seconds to wear off.

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If you get hit with a snowball or get caught in the splash damage area, you’ll be hit with the Chilled to the Bones status effect. This effect lasts for 14 seconds and blurs the screen and slows down your sprint and normal walking pace. This status effect also afflicts any enemies you hit with snowballs which is part of what makes them so deadly.

All enemy times in Destiny 2 seem to have a weakness against snowballs. Instead of being a novelty item, you’ll actually want to seek out and use snowballs as much as you can during Strikes. They’re incredibly potent and make Strikes a lot easier to complete.

You’ll be able to throw snowballs in Destiny 2 until The Dawning winter event ends on January 9. 2018. Make sure to check out our guide on how to get the special armor that will be up for grabs during the event.

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