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Destiny 2 Phaseglass: Where to Find and How to Farm This Resource

One of the schematics in the Dawning winter event in Destiny 2 calls for ten shards of Phaseglass. With all the different resources available, it’s easy to forget exactly where to find Phaseglass and what forms it comes in. If you’re looking to complete the quest for Zavala, or if you just need some Phaseglass in Destiny 2, read on below for its location and how to farm it quickly.

Where Can I Find Phase Glass in Destiny 2?

Finding how to get Phaseglass in Destiny 2, isn’t too hard as long as you know where to start looking. You can find Phaseglass on the moon of Io. If you forgot all about this resource, don’t feel bad. Io is one of the smaller areas available in the game, and there’s not a ton of incentive to return.

You can find Phase Glass scattered throughout Io in deposits. There are two kinds of this resource you’ll find, though both will suffice for the Zavala gift quest: Phaseglass Needles and Phaseglass Spires. In addition to using it to complete the quest you can turn Phaseglass into Asher Mir in exchange for Legendary Engrams.

How to Farm Phaseglass in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2 resources regenerate each time the game loads a new area. The most straightforward way to get your hands on a bunch of Phaseglass is just to start at one end of Io and start walking towards the other, collecting it as you pass through each area. There’s plenty of Phaseglass around to grab, and you can get a sizable stockpile pretty quickly.

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If you want to get Phaseglass even faster though, there is a way to farm it. Find an area with a concentration of Phaseglass near a lost sector. The trick to farming Phaseglass (and any other planet resource) is to get Destiny 2 to deload the region you’re in and load the lost sector map.

You’ll want to feel out the sweet spot for how far you have to go into the lost sector to get the game to load, but once you find it, you’re golden. Grab the Phaseglass, run into the lost sector, let the map load, then run out and the Phaseglass should have respawned.

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