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Destiny 2 EDZ Servitors: Where to Find Them on Earth

Some of the challenges in Destiny 2 involve taking out Fallen Servitors in the EDZ. In particular the “You Got Served” challenge requires you to destroy five Servitors in the European Dead Zone. You’ll run into a lot of Servitors in Destiny 2, but sometimes finding them on Earth reliably can be a chore. We’ll show you the best locations to find these annoying purple spheres below.

Where to Find Servitors in the EDZ in Destiny 2

There are two great places on Earth that you can find all five Fallen Servitors you need to complete your challenge. If you can find the Servitor Resupply public event, then you’re golden because through the course of the event at least five servitors show up.

The Servitor Resupply public event shows up in two areas in the EDZ, and you can check your map in the Director to see which one is currently available.

Servitor Resupply Public Event Locations

You’ll likely run into the first event shortly after you start the game. If you head out of Trostland via the southwest passage, you’ll arrive at the Outskirts EDZ region. Directly west of where you enter the Outskirts is an abandoned public square with a fountain in the middle. It’s near this fountain that some of this region’s public events spawn.

Destiny 2 EDZ Fallen Servitor Map

Note though, that Servitor Resupply isn’t the only public event that can spawn here. The Weapons Exchange event might spawn as well, and it won’t have the Servitor enemies you’re looking for.

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The second location in Destiny 2 with the Servitor Resupply public event is one you’ll run into near the end of the campaign. Firebase Hades has a large circular area where the Servitor Resupply public event spawns. This event is harder to complete than the one in EDZ Outskirts, but it’s the only event that spawns in that location and appears with more frequency.

If you don’t feel like completing public events to find Fallen Servitors in the EDZ, there are other places you can find them, though it’ll take much longer to finish the You Got Served challenge this way. A Servitor Major spawns to the east of the church in Trostland fairly often, and you can find the enemies in Lost Sectors. You’ll also find a Servitor Major in the western part of the Outskirts region.

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