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Destiny 2 Dusklight Shards: Where to Find and How to Farm Them

A Dusklight Shard in Destiny 2 is another one of those planetary resources, like Datalattices, that’s so easy to forget about after a hundred or more hours of playing. Finding a Dusklight Shard in Destiny 2 isn’t too hard if you know where to look, though. Read on to see Dusklight Crystal locations, how to get them, where to find them, and how to farm them quickly.

Where Can I Find a Dusk Light Crystal in Destiny 2?

Chances are, at some point during your journey through Destiny 2 you’ve picked up a Dusklight Crystal. If you haven’t been back to the EDZ for a while, you probably haven’t seen them, though. Dusklight Crystals are one of Earth’s unique planetary resources, so you’ll have to head there to get them.

You can find Dusk Light Crystal scattered all around the EDZ on Earth. Two items can be found in resource deposits on Earth. The most common type of resource is a Dusklight Shard, which won’t do you any good during your quest. The rarer of the two is your objective, the Dusklight Crystal.

How to Farm Dusklight Crystals in Destiny 2

Since you only need three Dusklight Crystals for the Dawning quest, it might sound silly that you need to farm for them. However, you’re only going to get around one crystal for every ten shards you get, so it’ll take a little bit longer to grab them than you probably anticipated.

The best way to farm Dusklight Crystal in Destiny 2 is to find an area with a few resource deposits near a lost sector. To find deposits on Earth, you can either equip a Ghost shell with the Earth Resource Detector perk or use a Hunter with the Nightstalker subclass, and Keen Scout activated. Either one of those will make nearby resources and consumables show up on your mini-map when you’re in proximity to them.

Once you’ve found a suitable area, you can start farming Dusklight Crystals. Examine the resource deposit(s) and then head for the lost sector. Once you’re in the lost sector, keep moving forward and watch for the loading icon. When you see it, wait till it’s done and then turn around and head back out. When you exit the lost sector the resource deposits should be regenerated.

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