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Destiny 2 Io Treasure Map: Where to Find the Treasure Chests on Io

One of the best ways to keep yourself entertained in Destiny 2 each week is digging up some treasure with help from your old pal Cayde-6, including on the planet Io for this week in the game. Treasure maps are important because they lead you to treasure chests that are completely randomized, but can reward the player with valuable gear, engrams, and more.

How to Get a Destiny 2 Io Treasure Map

Before you can go off gallivanting on your Destiny 2 Io treasure map adventure, you must first acquire one or more of these precious items. To do so, simply go to one of the two hub locations in the game and navigate your way to ‘ole Cayde-6. Speaking with him will allow you to purchase up to five treasure maps for the week using your copious amounts of glimmer.

Where to Find the Destiny 2 Io Treasure Chests

With your five Destiny 2 Io treasure maps in hand, it’s time to find you some loot. If you prefer a video version of this part, check out this awesome one by our friend Dulfy. For treasure map number one, here’s what you need to do.

Destiny 2 Io Treasure Map Guide

Destiny 2 Io Treasure Map 1

First, teleport to The Rupture on Io. Follow the main road from there, keeping an eye on the lopsided pillar that is located on the right side. Upon reaching it, go just right of it and continue down the small path through the tunnel to a treasure chest at the end. This is located left of Pyramidion.

Destiny 2 Io Treasure Map 2

Continuing on from where you are with the first treasure chest, keeping following the path to the right side until you reach The Endless Gate tunnel. Follow the tunnel and when you get to a bridge with a gap, jump over it and the treasure chest will be located right in that area.

Destiny 2 Io Treasure Map 3

Teleport to the Giant’s Scar area. Continue on the path towards the Lost Oasis until you see a metal structure to your right. Jump on top of it and you will find the treasure chest there.

Destiny 2 Io Treasure Map 4

For this one, it’s easy to find but takes a bit of walking. From the Lost Oasis, travel on the path seen on the Io map to Terrabase Charon. This treasure chest is located just past the entrance to the base on the side of the road.

Destiny 2 Io Treasure Map 5

For the final Destiny 2 Io treasure map, go directly east of the fourth treasure chest. This one is located just above where the words Terrabase Charon are on the map. It is right on the side of the road, underneath a rocky outcropping.