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Destiny 2 Nightfall Change Explained: What Changed and Why

Destiny 2 is in the midst of getting some major changes right now, as Bungie is working on a hot fix to patch some of the problems in the game during a lengthy maintenance. One of the sudden changes that happened recently is the weekly Nightfall has randomly changed without any sort of warning from the developer.

This has been surprising for those that were getting ready to jump into the weekly Destiny 2 Nightfall, only for it to now be completely different. You may be wondering what changed and why it changed, and thankfully we have the answers. Let’s get started with what the Destiny 2 Nightfall change is.

Destiny 2 Nightfall Change Explained

Previously, the Nightfall for this week was The Garden World, but it has since been changed. It changed from the The Garden World Nightfall to the Inverted Spire. This is a random and surprising change that has some players wondering why. Thankfully, we have the explanation for that, too.

Why the Destiny 2 Nightfall Changed

Destiny 2 Nightfall Changed

The Destiny 2 Nightfall changed from The Garden World to the Inverted Spire because of an odd bug that suddenly popped up for most players in the game. Players were excited for this brand new Nightfall on Mercury, but The Garden World has a strange bug that stops players from receiving the clan engram for it upon completion.

Because of this problem, Bungie has decided to make a quick Destiny 2 Nightfall change in order to provide time for the developer to fix the clan engram issue. In addition to changing the Nightfall, Bungie has subsequently removed the engram reward for Prestige completion of The Garden World Nightfall since it is no longer able to be completed.

For those that already completed The Garden World and didn’t get your clan engram, you will unfortunately have to do the Inverted Spire all over from the start in order to receive it for the week.