NBA 2K6 Xbox360 Cheats

All Crib bonuses:

Enter criball as a code. All Crib bonuses including the Draft class and A-T teams are now unlocked.

Extra Stamina:

Go to the vending machine and select a Power Bar. You'll get +5 Stamina during the next game.

Enter these codes at the vending machine for the following unlockables:

KOBE Air Zoom Kobe 1 shoes
31andonly New Pacers jerseys
2KSPORTS 2K Sports team
NBA2K6 NBA 2K6 team
lebronsummerkicks Lebron James Summer shoes
anklebreakers Uptempo Nike shoes
vcteam Visual Concepts team
lockdown +10 Defensive Awareness
getaclue +10 Offensive Awareness
noinjury No Quick Game injuries
nrgmax No Quick Game fatigue
pbink Power Bar tattoo in create player mode
ballers Celebrity players in street mode
criball All Crib bonuses
bos 2nd Boston Celtics 2nd road uniforms
chi retro Chicago Bulls throwback uniforms
cle 2nd Cleveland Cavaliers 2nd road uniforms
den 2nd Denver Nuggets 2nd road uniforms
det 2nd Detroit Pistons 2nd road uniforms
hou retro Houston Rockets throwback uniforms
31andonly Indiana Pacers 2nd road uniforms
lac retro L. A. Clippers throwback uniforms
mem retro Memphis Grizzlies throwback uniforms
mia retro Miami Heat throwback uniforms
nj retro New Jersey Nets throwback uniforms
no retro New Orleans Hornets throwback uniforms
ny retro New York Knicks throwback uniforms
orl retro Orlando Magic throwback uniforms
phx retro Phoenix Suns throwback uniforms
sac 2nd Sacramento Kings 2nd road uniforms
sea retro Seattle Supersonics throwback uniforms
was retro Washington Wizards throwback uniforms



How to Unlock
Get a Triple-Double (250)Get a triple-double with any player.
Grab 20 Rebounds (250)Get 20 rebounds with any player.
Make 15 3-Pointers in One Game (150)Make 15 3-pointers in a single game.
Score 140 Points (200)Score 140 total points with any team.
Score 50 Points (150)Score 50 points with any player.

Unlockable Teams


How to Unlock
All-Time Boston CelticsBuy the A-T Celtics mini ball at the crib
All-Time Los Angeles LakersBuy the A-T Lakers mini ball at the crib
All-Time Philadelphia 76ersBuy the A-T 76ers mini ball at the crib
All-Time Seattle SupersonicsBuy the A-T Supersonics mini ball at the crib
Class of '00 TeamBuy the Class '00 mini ball at the crib
Class of '01 TeamBuy the Class '01 mini ball at the crib
Class of '02 TeamBuy the Class '02 mini ball at the crib
Class of '03 TeamBuy the Class '03 mini ball at the crib
International All Stars TeamBuy the Int'l All Stars mini ball at the crib
Rookie TeamBuy the Rookie mini ball at the crib
Sophomore TeamBuy the Sophomore mini ball at the crib
Superstars TeamBuy the Superstars mini ball at the crib

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