Super Smash Bros. Melee GameCube Cheats


Beat Adventure Mode or Classic Mode with any character. JigglyPuff will challenge you at the end of the credits, beat her, and she’s yours.

Fight Big Puff:

To fight this flab monster beat kirbys reinforcements (kirby team) in 35 seconds or less.


Play the first level of Adventure Mode and get a "2" in the second’s place on the time clock(i.e.5:02:45) Next, a cutscene will appear of Mario jumping, and Luigi jumping on him, pummeling him off the castle, leaving you to fight him, and Peach. Beat Adventure Mode, and he will challenge you again. Beat him, and he’s earned.

Ganondorf (clone of C. Falcon):

Beat Event 29 and Ganondorf will again challenge you. Beat him, and he’s earned.

Falco Lombardi:

Beat the 100 man spar.

Dr. Mario (clone of Mario):

Beat Classic Mode with Mario or play Adventure Mode without losing a life, you can even play on Very Easy mode. Dr. Mario will challenge you at the end of the credits, beat him, and he’s earned.

Free New Character:

Play 100 versus rounds (easy way: set it to 1 life and fall of the edge every time)

Pichu (clone of Pikachu):

The easiest way to get Pichu is to clear Event 37, or you could also play 200 VS. matches.


To get Marth, you only need to play V.S. mode once with all origional characters (having one life and dieing does count). After playing with all characters, Marth challenges you. Or… Clear 70 VS. Matches. Marth will challenge you after you are finished. Beat him, and he’s playable.

Roy (clone of Marth):

After earning Marth, beat Adventure Mode (Use Marth.) Roy will challenge you after you are finished, beat him, and he’s playable.

Young Link (clone of Link):

Beat Classic Mode with 10 characters. Young Link will challenge you after you are done. He will be playable if you beat him.

Subcon (Mushroom Kingdom 2):

Earn the Birdo and Pidgit trophies.


Have a combined total time of 20 hours, or you can play 700 Vs. matches.(Hint:Try going to custom rules and making it so there is no time limit then just letting the game sit there a long time.)

Mr. Game & Watch:

Beat Adventure Mode with all 24 characters, OR play 1000 Vs. matches.

Battlefield Stage:

Beat the game in All-Star mode.

Big Blue Stage:

Fight over 150 multi-player matches.

Brinstar Depths Stage:

Fight over 50 multi-player matches.

Congo Jungle Stage:

Beat the game in 15 Minute Spar mode.

Dream Land Stage:

Beat the game in Break The Targets mode with all fighters.

Final Destination Stage:

Beat Event 51.

Flatzone Stage:

Beat the game as Mr. Game & Watch in classic mode without losing a life.

Fourside Stage:

Fight over 100 multi-player matches.

Pokemon Floats Stage

Fight over 200 multi-player matches.

Yoshi’s Island Stage:

Hit over 400m in Home-Run Contest mode as Yoshi.

Get Yoshi’s Island Easily:

At the home run contest chose Roy. At the beginning hit sandbag with your smash-up attack. Repeat 2 more times. After the third hit make sure that sandbags H.P. is at %55. While he’s in the air charge up your B attack and if you did everything correct, you’ll hit it over 1300 ft. getting Yoshi’s island.

Alternate Music:

Hold L or R and select a stage in multi-player mode. Keep the button held until the match begins. Note: Only certain stages have new music.

Sound Test:

Beat all 51 Events.

All-Star Mode:

Unlock all bonus fighters to unlock the single player All-Star mode. This mode allows you to fight all game characters, but with less health items.

Pikmin Trophy:

Insert a memory card with a saved game from Pikmin. Begin the game and a Pikmin trophy will be available.

Battle Two Master Hands:

Beat the game once on classic mode with any character and hit over 100 names during the credits. Play the game again with any character on any setting with any number of lives on classic mode and reach the Master Hand stage without continuing. Get the Master hand below 150% before the clock goes down below 4:00 (an easy way to do this is to play a character that has a really good up-smash attack or a good arial attack). A second Master Hand will appear at 300% with more moves than the original. Plus the two hands work together on some techniques.

Fight Metal Mario Bros. :

To do this beat the wire team in 45 seconds then prepare for battle.

Can’t Beat Event 51?:

There is an easy way to beat event 51. Believe it or not use Jigglypuff. What you want to do to get rid of Giga Bowser – jump over him and hit Down and B to do the sleep attack. If this hit and timed correctly (you’ll hear the sound just as you’d hear form the Home Run bat), Giga Bowser will fly off the screen. Then for Mewtwo and Gannondorf I suggest flying around until good items fall down and use them…unless you’re good with Jiggly.

Borrow a Life:

If you are a playing a team battle, and you are out, you can press start and borrow one of your teammate’s lives and get back in the ring (Note: They must have at least 2 stock left for you to do so.)

Ultra Giant Melee:

Here’s something fun to do, go to vs. mode and select giant melee from the special melee list, next select your character then go to the item switch menu and turn everything off exept super mushroom then start the game. Its cool to play when your an ultra giant.

Ultra Tiny Melee:

Here’s something fun to do, go to vs. mode and select tiny melee from the special melee list, next go to the item switch menu and turn everything off exept poison mushroom then press start. Its cool to be ultra tiny.

Defeat Fox In 4 Seconds On Adventure Mode:

To defeat in 4 seconds, use bowser (the skill difficulty dosen’t matter). when it says GO, run to the back edge of the plane and wait for fox to get there. when he does, grab him and chuck him off the edge, he won’t be able to get back on!!! do the same for the next level.

Event 50:

First, select Yoshi. Then, when you start quickly keep doing the *Midair A Down* attack which makes Yoshi kick his feet in the air. First do it on the Master Hand (the one to the right). Do not attempt to attack Crazy Hand (the one to the left). Continue to do the Midair A Down until until master hand is defeated. Now repeat the same thingon crazy hand to beat the event.

Grab Save:

You can use Link’s Hookshot to grab on to the ledge. Press Z to hit the edge of the stage and A to pull yourself up. Note: This also works with Samus’ Aran.

Giant Vegetables:

Be Peach and get the super mushroom. Then pluck out a vegetable (down and B). Then wait till your regular size agian. You’ll shrink but the vegetable won’t.

How to Earn Coins:

Most matches in Super Smash brothers melee award you between 1 and 20 small coins depending upon the amount of damage you deal and the number of KO’s you score during the match. Ten small coins equal one coin.

All-Star Match Schedule:

Some people might want to know the all star match schedule it is Match 1-4 is 1 opponet per match.Match 5-8 is 2 opponents per match. Match 9-12 is 3 opponents per match. Then Match 13 is 1 opponent (Mr. Game and watch x 25).

Help From Friends:

This is a really cool trick, go into vs. melee select Fox or Falco and pick anybody to play as, now on the next screen pick Corneria or Venom then once the match begins, on the D-pad press Left, Right repeteadly until Fox or Falco will crouch down and in moment they will reach into the sky and call for help.You only do this move 1 every match.

Alternate Music:

Hold the L and R buttons at the stage select screen in multiplayer mode to start a stage with an alternate theme. This works in the following stages:


 Great Bay  Icicle Mountain  Temple  Yoster Island  Onett  Pok�mon Stadium  Classic Kingdoms 1 & 2  Big Blue  Battlefield  End of the Line  

Alternate Trophy Music:

Did you know you could change the music you listen to buy simply going to sound test playing a song you like. Then when you go back to view your trophies in the gallery you’ll be listening to the music from your favorite stages. Not a really spectacular code but makes reading the trophies explanations a bit more fun.

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