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Fortnite Mine Location: Where is the Underground Mine in Battle Royale?

One of the new locations added in the recent Fortnite map update is the mine. Finding the location of the underground mine in Fortnite Battle Royale isn’t too tricky, but it’s not marked on the map, so you’ll have to look around to find it.

Since the map update added a bunch of locations to the western part of the island, it’s easy to overlook the location of the mines in Fortnite because of how busy that area is. It can get hectic around the new areas since everyone is checking them out but follow below and we’ll show you how to get to the mines.

Where is the Underground Mine in Fortnite?

How easy or how hard it is to make it to the mine depends on where you land on the map. If you’re wanting to hit the underground mine specifically, you’re going to want to aim towards landing in the new Shifty Shafts location. Once you land there’s going to be a lot of players coming in around you, so you can either head straight for the mine and hope you get the loot first, or hang around the outskirts and kill players as they exit the tunnels.

Fortnite Underground Mine Location

To find the location of the underground mine in Fortnite, you’re going to want to look around the southwest part of Shifty Shafts. The easiest way to enter them is to look for a wooden bridge extending over an area that contains a minecart and railroad track. If you jump down there, you’ll find that multiple paths are leading off from that area into the underground mine.

The loot in the mine is pretty decent, but some of the other new areas are a bit better. In particular, you’re probably better off getting loot from Tilted Towers, as items of higher rarity seem to spawn there more regularly.