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Monster Hunter World: How to Cook, Eat Meals, and What Food Does

Monster Hunter World allows you to cook when in the field, which is really helpful when you’re low on potions and need an HP boost. You can also eat meals at the various canteens found at camps and the resource center. However, these two food systems are separate, though the benefits are much the same. Below we’ll show you how to cook in Monster Hunter World and how to find a meal to eat while you’re back in civilization.

How to Cook Food in Monster Hunter World

Cooking in Monster Hunter World involves a little mini-game you’ll have to play each time you want to eat some meat. From the get-go, you have access to a BBQ Spit which you can use to roast food on the go. Unfortunately, it only works with dinosaur meat, so you’ll have to have some of that before you use it.

Once you’ve got the right meat, you can cook it. Equip the BBQ Spit and press X on Xbox One or Square on PS4 to deploy it. You can then begin to cook your meat. However, just like real meat, you’re going to have to time how long you let your food cook. There are two cues you can follow to let you know how well your meat is cooked.

Your food changes color as it roasts over the fire, and you can use this to gauge whether it’s rare, well-done, or burnt. Well-done is the level you want to go for, as rare and burnt confer less positive effects. You can also listen to the ton of the music to figure out when the meat is just right.

Once the meat has cooked to the level you want it, hit B on Xbox One or Circle on PS4 and your hunter will finish up cooking. You can then find your cooked meat in your inventory and use it for healing and other stat boosts.

How to Find Food and Eat a Meal in Monster Hunter World

Besides cooking it yourself, you can find food in the various canteens in Monster Hunter World. The main canteen can be found at the resource base, but there are also some located in the camps around the world map.

Eating meals in Monster Hunter World has a lot of benefits. They’ll heal your HP and status effects and can confer status boosts and temporary skills. Before you head out on a tough hunt, you’ll likely want to stop by a canteen so you can get that little extra boost.

Each canteen has different food available that gives different boosts. You’ll want to explore the dishes offered in each one and find the meals that work the best for you.

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