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Monster Hunter World: How to Redeem Beta Rewards and Items

Those who played the Monster Hunter World beta can look forward to a special treat in the full game. You’ll be able to redeem rewards for playing the beta that will give you items to use in-game. The process to redeem the Monster Hunter World beta items isn’t too complicated, but the game doesn’t spell it out as well as it could. Read on below to find out how to redeem your rewards when you start a new game.

How to Redeem Monster Hunter World Beta Items and Rewards

Before you can get your items, you’ll have to start a new game of Monster Hunter World. You’ll need to progress through the prologue and tutorial and wait until you get to the resource center. The leader there will speak with you and finally, bring you to your room.

The next thing you’ll have to do to gain the ability to redeem your Monster Hunter World beta rewards is to complete the first quest. Luckily, this first mission is really simple and is basically a tutorial showing you the ropes of the quest system. You’ll need to kill a small number of Jagras to complete it.

After the first quest, you’ll need to return to your room. In your room, you’ll find a housekeeper Palico standing next to the item box. Walk over to your housekeeper and speak with them and you’ll get access to a menu. Included in this menu is an option that lets you go to the training area, or one that allows you claim your add-ons and rewards. This latter option is the one you want to choose to get your beta items.

Once you choose to claim your rewards, you’ll get a list of items you can redeem. The more quests you completed in the beta, the more things you’ll get to grab.

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